Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More July...

More of July....
We had a swim date at Honey's one afternoon with some friends.

 I bought Ben a family night at Mountasia for one of his 30 birthday presents that we cashed in one evening. 
 It was a fun night full of putt-putt, pizza and go cart riding.
IMG_2507 IMG_2510 IMG_2511 IMG_2517 IMG_2522 IMG_2523
Even Ty and I took it slow and rode together on the go carts.

Whole Foods opened in Colleyville and if I don't go broke shopping there, it might be my new obsession.

I helped mom clean out my old closet in my room and we found some gems in there like old diaries that had me rolling, old yearbooks and some old costumes, which Kinley loved. 
 This was my dance recital costume when I was about 5 years old that looked super cute on Kinley.

 Ben was out of town one weekend so the kids and I had a Rosa's living room picnic (per Kinley's request) and a snowcone and popcorn date on Saturday night.
IMG_2634 IMG_2639 IMG_2646

We started some more swim lessons with Ms Norma and the kids are thrilled to be back and they have improved so much already from a month ago. 
 It is amazing. 
 Ty is jumping in and swimming all over the place and using arm strokes and holding his breath for ever and Kinley can backstroke length-wise down the pool now!
We love Ms Norma.
IMG_2652 IMG_2654
IMG_2730 IMG_2733 

We met the Barstads at Chuck E Cheese one Monday night just to hang out and play half way between our houses. 
 We didn't tell them where we were going and the kids loved their lives and were so excited even though both sets had already been to Chuck E Cheese within the last week.
 They took an abundance of pics on the photo machine games and they were all pretty much hilarious.
Glow in the dark vampire teeth were the popular prize all around.
I don't know who is creepier...us or Chuck E in the background. 

I finally got to go meet Baby Noah who is doing amazing and play with Austin now that they are back from being in the NICU in Lubbock. 
It was so fun holding a precious newborn. I can't wait!
  IMG_2681 IMG_2682 

 We went to the zoo one day and it was hot, hot, hot. We could only stay a couple hours before we were all melting down. Texas summer has finally hit and being pregnant in the hot summer is definitely an experience.

We did VBS Family Edition at our church. 
 It was a whole new VBS concept focusing on the whole family and building strong families together rather than just sending your kids to a summer day camp. 
 It really was so much fun. 
 The theme was 'Speak Life' and about the importance of our words and how we should use them to build others up and encourage others rather than tear them down. 
 Each night started with worship and a lesson and then did family rotations where we would play games, do crafts, take family pictures, and do a service project. 
 For the service project each family brought school supplies and we packaged them up to send to kids in Uganda. 

Worship was full of great music and the kids just jumped around and sang. 
 But, one time I looked over and Mav had his arm around Kinley like this and it stayed there for almost a solid 5 minutes.

Family games...building a tower of dixie cups as tall as you could and doing a timed family obstacle course. 
IMG_2768 Part of the obstacle course was to shoot shaving cream off your dad's nose with a water gun. These crazy girls loved that. 
Writing encouraging post it notes. 
 Crazy family pictures... IMG_2772

We had a fun sleepover at our house while the daddies were away with bible study guys for the weekend.  I think we ended  up with 15 kids and 7 moms all sleeping over...and everyone slept!  I just can't pass up a sleepover.  Such fun memories.
sleepover1 sleepover2 sleepover

We celebrated Uncle Alex's birthday one night.
alex bday2 alex bday
Boss showed the kids how to do some push ups one night. 
Starting their exercise routine early.
push ups
I guess Kinley thought she was fit to instruct Ty.
push ups1
And I guess they mastered it.
And yes, that is Ty's shirt that he has taken his arms out of and stretched the neck out and pulled down around his shorts that he refused to let us fix.
Creating new styles just like his sis.
push ups 2

But, mostly this summer we are just trying to treasure some summer fun memories at home together before the school year starts and a new baby and things are crazy in the fall. I love the mornings the best when Kinley and Ty just play together and are not in a hurry to do anything and I can just listen to the fun they have. 
 One day they wanted to build an American flag out of poker chips. 
And one day when Ty got some new hand-me-down clothes from Mav he was so excited that he immediately put on the captain america pjs and cleats and wore them all day. But, Kinley, not to be outdone, grabbed put Ty's swim robe over her pjs and grabbed some sunglasses and they were set. 
And we played in the rain in our pjs one morning and then cleaned up in bubble bath. rain baths And this pic of my boys just lounging together is the sweetest. my boys
But, this one of Ty practicing being a big brother and singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to Kinley's baby takes the cake.
  practicing big brother
We are prepping for you Baby #3.
Hoping to get through all of August with you still cooking inside.

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