Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mantle Mirror

This past weekend Ben and I went on a hunt for a mirror to put over our mantle. We are kind of in the process of finally getting our living room decorated. We didn't really find anything we loved for a great price so we decided to make it like we wanted!

We bought a discounted, beat up wooden frame mirror at Tuesday morning for cheap and decided to spray paint it. We bought an outdoor metal gray paint that you would use on a bicycle or a mail box at Lowe's. The color is fabulous and the finish is shiny and cool. For $3 it turned this mirror into something pretty cool!
2.3.10 015
2.3.10 017
2.3.10 018
2.3.10 019

1 comment:

Allison said...

You guys did a great job! I love the new mirror! I can't wait to see it in person!