Sunday, February 17, 2013

Amy's 2 Birds of a Feather Baby Shower

I have been so exciting about blogging about Amy's shower all week! 
There were I think 9 hostesses for her shower and we had about 50 emails back and forth planning for a couple weeks ahead.
We wanted to keep everything under wraps from Amy so I couldn't instagram or blog any of the planning process. The theme and colors of the party were totally inspired by Amy & Danny's choice of bedding and decor for their nursery. It is pink and brown and has cherry blossom trees and birds.  It's so cute. 
And, because they are having twin girls...we pretty quickly came up with the idea of
"2 birds of a feather stick together."
We had so many ideas flying around our email chain and with pictures from blogs, pinterest and etsy we decided we definitely needed a craft night!  Katie and I shopped, scoured my house (and Mendy's) for decor and prepped a few things in advance and then Wednesday night before the shower most of us met and just went to work. IMG_2588 IMG_2596 IMG_2597 IMG_2598 IMG_2599
We tried to keep our decor very soft and simple in shades of white, pink and brown. We put birds or nests or cages wherever we could.
IMG_2631 IMG_2641
Our centerpiece for the mantle was a white picture frame that we strung ribbon to that Amy could take home and hang in the girls room as a bow holder. I cut out Rilee and Taylor's names in cardstock on my silhouette and hung them on twine just for the shower. Katie geniously wanted birds to appear to hang the frame with bunting.
It turned out so cute!
We had a "blessing tree" table where guests could write a blessing to the girls on a bird and hang it on a tree. Amanda and I made the tree just from branches in my parent's backyard wound together with twine. I just love how big yet, delicate it turned out. 
  IMG_2644 IMG_2645 IMG_2675 IMG_2647
The tree houses were painted and hot-glued to dowels and stands to make them tall.
IMG_2614 IMG_2676
Katie made these great letters for the front door and for them to keep in their room. IMG_2666
For food and drink we wanted to make reference to the twins by having 2 choices for each item. We had mini chocolate apples, vanilla and strawberry cupcakes, 2 fruit baby buggies, 2 cheese trays...and I was so totally blown away by Julie who carved the birds from the invite into a block of cheese....what!?!? was awesome.
IMG_2624 IMG_2625
Are you kidding me...??!!?
And the cake was to.die.for. Legacy Cakes in grapevine was amazing and copied the birds and chevron from the invite and the strawberry cake was life changing.
So good.
IMG_2627 IMG_2662
Olivia had the great idea of a mimosa bar with 2 choices of fruit and juice and it was a hit.
Water bottles for those not up for champagne.
I am not even exaggerating when I say that I have never in my life seen so many gifts at any one, baby shower, wedding shower, birthday party...nothing held a candle. It was awesome and I am sure totally overwhelming for Amy. She definitely opened for over an hour. A good workout for a girl pregnant with twins. I got to write down everything she got and loved seeing all the presents up close...but, I was my normal overly animated self over while Amy was so calm and thoughtful and thankful. She would try to get everyone's attention to tell them thank you.
So sweet and calm...I could learn alot.
IMG_2728 IMG_2735 IMG_2786 IMG_2797
Don't look too close because they are no where near great but, I sewed these blankets for the girls. They are a great weight and super soft. One of Kinley's friends mom is a great monogrammer that I use. Love those precious names.
Here is less than half of the presents that Katie worked the whole time to display....she was pretty selective and it still overtook our whole display area. Lucky girls!
So many family and friends came to celebrate with Amy. Everyone was so excited for twin girls. We took so many are just a few.
IMG_2688 amy's shower
Hostess Picture
Grandmothers and great-grandmothers
Kinley had a blast playing with Ellie and Audrey from Amy's other side of the family. I love how kids can just pick up and play with whoever they are with. It was not 5 minutes before Kinley and Ellie were out of their party dresses and into princess dresses.
IMG_2680 IMG_2692 IMG_2725
At least they could do something with all those present bows...
The whole day was just so fun. After the shower was over, all the boys came over and we ordered pizza and changed into comfy clothes and played games and just had fun together.
It was so fun.
So fun to celebrate those coming excited to meet Rilee Gayle and Taylor Danielle.


Allison said...

Amazing! Everything looks SO great! I love the theme! It is perfect for two sweet twin girls! The cheese block is out of this world! How did she even know how to do that?! And the blankets are fabulous Linds! What a fun pre-shower craft party! Can't wait to meet those babies!

Honey said...

You girls did a fabulous job on the shower! Those baby girls are loved so much already. And I got what I family around a table playing games. I'm practicing my British accent for next time.

kristen said...

that shower is AMAZING!! every little detail is just so perfect!! I love everything! and i loved loved loved the night after! love yall so much! you are such a sweet cousin and amy is so so blessed to have you in her life!