Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tooth Fairy Round #2

Kinley lost her second tooth and for the second time she knocked it out.
She has yet to lose a tooth the good old natural "wiggle and pull" way.
We were swimming in the pool with the Barstads and she came up out of the water bleeding and with a bottom tooth missing. It was probably the first tooth she would have naturally lost and had to have been somewhat loose because she did not hit anything, just jumped onto a soft raft, and it came out perfectly.
You can tell she is a little confused about the whole process though because sweet girl made comments like:
 "I wanted to lose it but just not today"
and "How do you eat when you lose all of your teeth?" 
Precious thing doesn't know that normally when you lose a tooth a new one grows in its place quickly so you can still eat.
You don't lose them all at one time and walk around talking and eating with your gums.
 I could tell it was bothering her and she wasn't smiling much the rest of the day.
 I don't think she loved the way it looked either.  I hate that we start worrying about what we look like at such a young age.
Anyway, here she is with her 2nd missing tooth.
We had an entire search squad with goggles making it their mission to find Kinley's missing tooth but, even with Avery, Ben, Sassy and Kinley looking, we never found it.
Avery told her that if she wrote a note to the tooth fairy that she lost her tooth, she would still come anyway.
Avery was right :)
The tooth fairy left $2 for Kinley's second tooth and wrote a note back.


kristen said...

happy second lost tooth kinley! cant wait until you get to pull one out on your own :)

Allison said...

What?! Oh my goodness! Such a sweet girl!