Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kinley's Two-Two's and Ties Birthday Party

Oh my goodness....we cannot even contain our excitement around here. We are so overwhelmed with love for all our family and friends that showed up for Kinley's birthday party. Our last count was over 60 people! It was so, so fun and I think Kinley might go into a slight depression now that we don't have her party or bounce house or friends coming over to look forward to. We have to think of something quick! Get ready for a major post here with LOTS of pics. I did narrow it down from close to, you are welcome.

The party decor turned out so cute. It was all pretty simple and I liked that. Our only decorations really were tissue paper poms, flag bunting, tulips (or TWOlips..haha..for a two year old party) and a birthday banner. We also set up a display of tutu's (purchased from Halo Heaven) and ties that were party favors in the kitchen window. Both the tutu's and ties were a hit! Look for the 30 minute tie tutorial coming soon!
The food was also pretty simple. We had chips and dip, flavored popcorn (from le popcorn), mini caramel apples, chick-fil-a nuggets, a BEAUTIFUL cupcake/cake that Mendy made, water bottles, pink lemonade and cupcakes in mason jars. The biggest hit, of course, was the chick-fil-a nuggets...we had to run and get more in the middle of the party and we ended up downing 320 nuggets at the party! Crazy...but, I love that we all love to eat! The cupcakes in the mason jars and mini caramel apples are my personal fav.
Kinley was SO excited when her friends started to arrive. Her first friend to show up was Addy from school and she was giddy with excitement. Their interaction was priceless and I wish I had video. Kinley had 4 kids from her school class show up and I was so thrilled that they (and their sweet moms) came!And that excitement did not stop. She really did get this excited about every person that came!
friends 2
The bounce house was the favorite of all the kids. They jumped and jumped and laughed and laughed. They even jumped so hard at one point that a vent opened in the back and the house started collapsing and we had to rescue kids from a deflating bounce house. It was my worst nightmare and very dramatic at the moment....but, no harm was done...all kids were fine and they were back jumping in it as soon as they could. Whew! Praise the Lord that he was watching over those sweet angels at our party!
bounce house
When they weren't jumping, I had set up tables for the kids to color and decorate a girl in a tutu and a boy in a tie. Ben and I printed these images from online and traced them with sharpie so that they could be black and white for the kids to color.
I LOVED and was so excited for anyone who showed up in theme. LOVE it!
dress in theme 1
dress in theme 2
Of course we had lots of our big family celebrate with us. It is so fun having extended family so close.
Kinley was excited to sing Happy Birthday and blow out her candle again...and the kids were excited for cake and icing.
happy birthday
Thank you so, so much to everyone who came to celebrate Kinley's 2nd birthday. You all mean so much to us and are so thankful for who you are in our lives!


Olivia Howe said...

SUCH an adorable party! You did an amazing job Lindsay! As always, we wish wish wish we could have been there. Happy birthday Kinley!

Natalie said...

Linds the party was INCREDIBLE!!! Loved it all! THe attention to detail was great and you always out do yourself!!

Nina said...

Wow, everything looks awesome!! I am so bummed I missed it but you did an amazing job, of course!! Happy Birthday Kinley!

Jan said...

You continue to amaze me sweet niece! What an incredible mom you are. Kinley is so lucky. I love you.

Honey said...

It was so fun to watch all the kids jumping and playing. I know Kinley loved every bit of it...especially her friends. I've never seen her so excited! A great day!

Gram said...

The party was just great, and the decorations were amazing. Everywhere you looked was something cute and clever.

Kinley seemed like such a big girl. She was so cute with her friends!

kristen said...

cutest party ever!!! LOVE love this party and loved our time with kinley!! so glad to celebrate with her!!! miss yall already!!

Allison said...

It was the best party ever! You did such and awesome job and I loved getting to be a part of the pre party too! So fun!

Camila said...

AMAZING. It all looks amazing!! So sad we couldn't be there to celebrate with ya'll!

Lindy said...

We are SO SAD that we missed it! Matty spent hours throwing up on me on Saturday. It was lovely, but it was no birthday party!