Saturday, March 20, 2010

ella's 'tiny two' birthday presents

Today is Ella's 'Tiny Two' birthday party. Kinley and I are so excited to be able to celebrate in Lubbock! The "tiny" idea is fantastic and Allison embraces a theme and has a vision for it like no one I know! So, for Ella's presents, I wanted to embrace the theme too! I also wanted to keep up the trend of making all of Ella's presents like I did for Avery's Felt Dolls.
I hope she likes it all!

3.18.10 005
3.18.10 004
These blocks were super easy! I used this website for the instructions on how to place the fabrics and what order to sew them together. Ella's blocks are 5 inch squares because she only has 4 letters...but, Kinley's are 4 inch blocks and they work for more letters.
Picnik collage
I immediately loved these watches for the boys on MADE and I had to make a girl one for Ella!
3.18.10 001
This Hobo sack is a MADE design that I have been wanting to do and I love how it turned out!
Happy Birthday Ella! We love you so much and hope your day is as fun as you are!


kristen said...

amazing!! i loved the whole present!! fantastic. and soooo glad you are here at our house. love yall.

Allison said...

Such a GREAT gift Lindsay!!! Ella loves all of it! She wears the watch all the time and it looks so cute on her! What a wonderful gift, thank you so much!