Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Olivia's Baby Shower

Last weekend, we got to celebrate Olivia and sweet baby Anson.
The shower was at Kathy's and so much fun celebrating our first nephew and cousin.
Aren't these hostesses the best!? IMG_2889
Mom is about to double her grandkids in the span of a month. So exciting.
Olivia had lots of help opening ALL of her presents with Kinley and Aubrey around.
Only big girls get to go to baby showers!
IMG_2890 IMG_2891 IMG_2893
Ben, Bart, Dad and Matt played golf that morning and during the shower and we all spend the rest of the afternoon and through dinner at Mom & Dad's just being together and celebrating Olivia and Bart and Anson as well as Uncle Matt-Matt and my birthdays.
  It was the best day!
IMG_2883 IMG_2884 IMG_2886 
A couple bump pics of Olivia and I together.
It is so fun being due so close together and I can't wait to see if we will have two boys or a boy and a girl!??
IMG_2874 IMG_2876 IMG_2880

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Allison said...

Love these baby bumps! My guess is two boys but I can't wait to find out so soon!!! Y'all are so cute and make such beautiful pregos!