Friday, June 10, 2016

Camp Thurman & Triumph

We love, love, love Camp Thurman and we love going the first week of summer. 

It is the best way to kick-start summer and since we are already in the wake up early mode from school it is not too hard to get up early and go all day.

We kept the same carpool as last year and I just love taking these girls in the car and hearing them laugh and sing and talk. 
I got to drive Monday morning and they were so excited. 
Camp Thurman and Triumph
I definitely got in trouble by the high school workers for taking this pic because I got out of my car.  
Brielle, Kinley, Tatum & Aslynn
Camp Thurman and Triumph 

Kinley's counselor was Aloha and her co-counselor was Petal. 
She loved them both so much. 
Camp Thurman and Triumph
Her memory verse for the week was Ephesians 4:32 and I loved it. Perfect reminder of how to be a great friend:
"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you."

Love the pics Camp Thurman posts each day and I saved a few I saw of Kinley. 
Camp Thurman and Triumph Camp Thurman and Triumph
Their group at camp this year 
Camp Thurman and Triumph

Some other carpool pics courtesy of Tiffany, Jessica and Ali
Camp Thurman and Triumph

While Kinley was at Thurman, Ty did a half day Christian sports camp called Triumph Sports Camp. 
It was multi-sport and he went with Sean Ryan and Ryland and had a great week. 
Camp Thurman and Triumph
Camp Thurman and Triumph

The boys memory verse for the week was 1 Timothy 4:12. There is a Seeds Family Worship song for this verse which we played a lot during the week. 

"Dont let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for believers. In speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity."

I picked them up on their last day and took a few pics. 
Camp Thurman and Triumph
Camp Thurman and Triumph Camp Thurman and Triumph
It was a very busy but awesome way to start off the summer!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Happy Birthday RigUp

Ben has been working at RigUp for 6 months now and it has absolutely been his favorite job of his life.
He loves the people he works with and is challenged each day and every day is new and exciting and different.
Working for a start up is always a risk and but we are so thankful for this job that God provided.  It was a rough road getting here that Ben endured and was humbled by and parts of it that he is really ready to leave behind but, we know God led us here through his past jobs and we are thankful. 

RigUp had its 2 year birthday / anniversary celebration in Austin on a Friday in early June.
Ben asked me maybe on Tuesday of that week if we could go to Austin on Friday for a quick overnight celebration.
Thankfully, mom agreed to babysit and we took off for about 24 hours.
The drive there was so fun. I love having Ben's undivided attention in the car and talking his ear off and making him take driving selfies with me.
Austin weekend

Group pic on the roof in Austin for the celebration.
Austin weekend
We went to dinner after with our favorites. Happy 2 year Birthday RigUp!
Austin weekend

Love the family connections to these men.
Xuan and Bart are best friends from college and in each other's weddings.
Matt and Mike were college roommates and Mike was in Matt's wedding too.
Will and his wife, Megan, are friends with Bart and sorority sisters with Olivia from college.
Brandon and I were in the accounting program in college at the same time.
Ben and I are the elderly of the group but it is still so much fun for us.

Wives....these girls are so, so awesome.
I look forward to any social RigUp gathering just to hang out with them.
Austin weekend

X-Games were in town that weekend and lots of people staying at our hotel so I made Ben, Megan
and Will take a pic with the Monster background in the lobby.
Austin weekend

The next morning, we found the "I love you so much" wall before we left town...because duh...I DO!
Austin weekend

Ben even let me stop for lunch at the Magnolia Market Silo food trucks.
We really just looked around and ate because we didn't have time to wait in line an hour to buy stuff. But, it was fun to see.
Austin weekend Austin weekend Austin weekend
So thankful for quick kid-free getaways with my love.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Last Days of School

The end of the school year for both kids was full of parties and celebrations and was so much fun.

Ty's last day of school was a Luau and the kids had a great Hawaiian theme party.

Ty and Ryland had just the BEST year together this year.
We are a little heartbroken that they are not planned to be together next year.
They have the sweetest friendship but I know the teachers are trying the best they can to challenge and grow each child to the best of their ability before they head for Kindergarten the next year.
We sure will miss spending every, single day with RyRy.
Last days of school

These two teachers, Ms. Vicki and Ms. Mitzi, are the BEST.
I love them so and definitely will pray they keep teaching together until Dylan is in the 3's so they can have all our kids. They are our most favorite thing about school at Compass and I definitely had a tear or two on the last day.
Last days of school

I forgot to take a picture of Ty before school that day, so this is the best 1st Day/ Last Day comparison I could get.
Mom Fail.
We had a sonic treat day after school with friends for the last day!
Last days of school

Kinley's field day was the last week of school and for the 2nd year in a row, it down poured.
Poor girl has no idea what a full field day outside is like.
Maybe in 2nd grade.
They at least were able to do one event, the most important event, outside before the rain - Tug of War!
And Kinley's class won first place.
So, I consider the whole day a success.
Last days of school
They had to buddy up for the day and Kinley and Jaymes were buddies.
Last days of school

They tried to just have a lightning delay before cancelling everything outside and we all went into the class and the watched the kids read books out loud for a little.
Last days of school
Ty was in heaven totally loving getting to be in the classroom a little and feeling like such a big elementary school kid.
Last days of school
The moved Field Day to the cafeteria for about another hour for 1st grade and did a couple games and her day was over.
Last days of school
Last days of school
There was a 1st grade ceremony where they sang a few songs and then each child was introduced by the Principal and told why they were successful in 1st grade.
Last days of school 1st grade program 1st grade program
1st grade program 1st grade program 1st grade program 1st grade program

There was a 1st grade picnic and yearbook signing time after the ceremony which brought back so many memories of my friends signing my yearbooks over the years.
1st grade program Last days of school   1st grade program 1st grade program 1st grade program

Kinley's last day of school pics and comparison. 
I actually remembered to do this for her and tried to have her wear the same outfit as the first day but, she's grown so much that the skirt is way too short and not school appropriate anymore.
Last days of school Last days of school

And they had a combined first grade end of year swim party at the NRH Centre of which was a little terrifying because there were so many kids in one space.
I only took one pic of Kinley and Brycelynn in these huge masks.
Last days of school

We finished the last day with our first summer sleepover.
Jaymes stayed the night and it was SO much fun! 
I look forward to lots of playdates this summer with these mermaids.
Last days of school Last days of school