Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Weekly BFF play dates

Every week in July we had a BFF play date with the Booths and Barstads. 
After the 4th of July, we met one week at Chuck E Cheese, one week at Altitude Trampoline Park and finished off with a visit to Obstacle Warrior Kids and a sleepover at Kristens in McKinney. 

We even threw in an adults only triple date night to the Ranger game and it was so fun!
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We thought we were done when the game was over and were bummed about it but decided to stop and get some pirhana sushi at closing time and made the fun last a little longer. 
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Chuck E Cheese
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As Kristen said, the people at Subway loved us. 
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Obstacle Warrior Kids was so fun! I had never seen American Ninja Warrior before that day but this place is just like that for kids.
BFF sleepover BFF sleepover BFF sleepover BFF sleepover BFF sleepover
You are supposed to be 5 to do the bigger obstacles but they let Ty do it anyway and I was so proud of him! He worked so so hard to be able to do what the big kids did and he did awesome!
BFF sleepover
There was even a little area for Dylan to play too.
BFF sleepover BFF sleepover

Sweet friends made it a sleepover and a birthday celebration for me too.
They made such an effort and I am very thankful.
BFF sleepover
Ty is obsessed with Ben's lizard, Leo.
BFF sleepover
Dylan playing outside with chickens and eating pistachios with Shea.
BFF sleepover BFF sleepover  
Best Sleepover Ever!
BFF sleepover
Group hug
BFF sleepover
It was all just so much fun!
I feel a little spoiled in the summer because we get to see and talk to them so much more than we do in the school year.
I will miss it so much!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

More July

Lots of Family Fun this July.

We had a family day at the zoo one weekend and did the splash pad.
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I love late lazy summer morning cuddles
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Dylan loves mowing with Ben.
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We've been letting the chickens free-range more and more since they are pretty much full grown now. Everyone is LOVING that.
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We found out Lizzie is, in fact, a rooster (due to the loud cock-a-doodle-doo-ing every morning) so we had to let her him go to the nice man at Grapevine Feed. We haven't replaced him yet, but I miss that beautiful Barred Rock. Untitled

We spent one weekend at the lake with just our family and Pops and Gram.
It was full of chicken fights, slip n' slides, jet skis, boat rides, paddle boards and family dance parties.
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We celebrated Uncle Matt-Matt's birthday by going to see he and Sandy's new house and eating in Trinity Groves at Casa Rubia.
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We celebrated Uncle Alex's birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings
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We appreciated cows and ate some chicken.
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We also got free slurpees on 7/11 and got some free terrible face paint too.
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So much summer fun!