Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween pre-partying

I just love the Halloween season. 
 Not so much because I love Halloween but just because it means the start of the fall and the upcoming holiday season. It just gives us an excuse to have some theme get togethers. 
 We did some Pumpkin Carving one night at Ryan and Stacee's. 
 Their new house is like 2 min down the road and it is just the BEST thing ever. 
 Ben is kind of the pumpkin carver in our house. 
 He loves letting his creative side shine sometimes, especially when it involves a knife. 
Stacee and Leslie took over that role for their families. 
IMG_4066 IMG_4064 
The kids pretty much loved just picking what design they wanted on their pumpkins and scooping out the insides of the pumpkins. 
IMG_4055 IMG_4057 IMG_4073 IMG_4058 IMG_4060 
Third year for these pumpkins shirts... 
The end results.
We won't call Stacee an overachiever....but, we will just say she printed off her own spider pumpkin template and worked until after we all left on carving it and then texted us this picture.  And did ya'll know they grade the level of difficulty on pumpkin carving templates??  Ben's carving was a level 1 and took like 10 minutes and Leslie's was a substantial level 3.  We agreed Stacee's was probably closer to like a level 17. 
But, it looks awesome!  
  IMG_4071 Kinley begged me to enter the pumpkin decorating contest at her school. 
 The challenge was to decorate a small or medium sized pumpkin as a story book character that will be displayed at the library. 
 They will pick a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from each grade. 
 Kinley and I decided together on Flounder from the Little Mermaid. 
 (Mainly because I thought a round, fat fish might be easy to turn a pumpkin into) 
It was so fun to do together and even if it looks nothing like Flounder, she loved it and it was just the best time.
  IMG_4124 IMG_4126 IMG_4127 IMG_4129 

We also had a costume playgroup party at the Lindsey's this week. 
 Lindsey started the party at 3:30 instead of normal playgroup time just so that Kinley could come after school too. 
 It was so, so sweet. We loved it. 
We didn't get a group picture this year which is a little sad. 
 I didn't even get a picture of Kinley or Ty all dressed up in their own costume. Within 5 minutes Kinley and AG had switched costumes already. 
 Our plan is a family Batman theme this year so, we will have to get some pictures on Halloween. 
 But, Dylan had his little bat costume cape on for a few minutes. 
IMG_4192 IMG_4194 
Lindsey had the cutest Halloween Bingo game for them to play
  IMG_4190 IMG_4191 IMG_4189 
Lindsey also inspired us with a new pumpkin shirt this year that the rest of us copied. I guess three year is long enough for the old pumpkin shirts. Plus, the faces on these glow in the dark.
IMG_4196 IMG_4198

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gymnastics Firehouse Visit

Alison set up an a tour for our gymnastics class to head over after class on Wednesday to tour the Southlake Fire Station. 
 It is the best one to go to. 
 The guys are awesome and informative and patient and love to show you around. 
 The kids loved climbing on the truck and seeing the real firemen. 
 We had a picnic lunch right outside the station afterward and the weather was amazing and the kids just had a blast running around and playing together some more. 
IMG_4246 IMG_4207 IMG_4206 IMG_4213 IMG_4218 IMG_4216 IMG_4239 IMG_4235 IMG_4244

Monday, October 20, 2014

First Field Trip

Kinley had her first Kindergarten Field Trip this week! 
 I signed up to be a chaperone and it was my first day to leave Dylan. 
 It was weird leaving but, he did awesome with Honey and took a bottle well. 
 It was so exciting to just focus on and be with Kinley all day. 
 The field trip was to The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Celina, TX. 
 The pumpkin farm was like an hour away which is hilarious since there is a pumpkin farm literally a few hundred yards from her school on the same street. 
 But, the kids were SO excited about riding the school bus. 
 The parents met at the school in the classroom and then followed the bus in our own cars.
The kids were broken into groups of five with two parents per group. 
 Kinley and I were put in a group with her two new bestie friends in her class, they are twins and their mom was the other adult chaperone with me. 
 It was a dream come true for these girls. They were thrilled to be in the same group and asked us to take hundreds of pictures of the three of them with a ton of different backgrounds. 
 Here are just a few.
  IMG_4184 IMG_4155 IMG_4157 IMG_4153 
There were also two precious boys in the group too that were precious and I promise, we didn't ignore.
  IMG_4142 IMG_4181

On the field trip the kids got to go through a Hay Maze, do a hay ride, feed some farm animals, have a picnic lunch and pick their own pumpkin. IMG_4135 IMG_4134
We tried for a couple class pics. Getting 20 kindergarteners to all look and smile is kind of impossible.
This one cracks me up.
 We sent all the kids over to the spider to take pictures and they automatically segregated into a boy side and a girl side. So funny.
  IMG_4170 IMG_4171
Petting and feeding the animals
IMG_4146 IMG_4174
IMG_4177 IMG_4179
My girl...
IMG_4186 IMG_4180

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Football and family

Even though the Aggies are not having the greatest season...I think we are calling it a "rebuilding" year....we are always dressed for Game Day. 
 Even Dylan has a maroon onesie.
  IMG_3995 IMG_3996 
How cute are these boys? I am hoping they will love to watch Aggie football together for many, many years. 
IMG_3990 IMG_4001 
We love to match... 

The last couple weeks we have picked up the pace a little and I have started making more outings with Dylan. It is still mild torture taking him places because it is like 70/30 that he will scream the entire time in the car. 
 We are not past it yet, sadly. 
 But, it is a little easier when Ben or my mom is in the car with me. 
 So, naturally, one of the first places I wanted to go was with mom to Dallas to go see Anson and Olivia. 
 We took Olivia lunch and I got to hold that perfect baby. 
 I swear he never cries still and he is just the sweetest sleeper.
He loves having his hands in front of his face. 
 Actually every sonogram Olivia had, Anson had his hands in front of his face and he still does it now. 
 So cute.
More Dylan and Anson picks
  IMG_4087 IMG_4093 
And one with O & I and the boys. 
 We both mutually agree that we would prefer to just take pics of the boys but I am sure one day we will want to see ourselves in a picture too occasionally. 
Another outing we took with Honey was to our first Casa Manana show of the season. Honey bought us season tickets this year and we are pumped. 
 The first show was Snow White and mom and I took all three kids. 
 Dylan was quiet and slept or ate the whole show.
Kinley was in heaven dressed as Snow White and loved the story.
Ty was interested for maybe 10 minutes and mom had quite the job of keeping him entertained the rest of the show. He was not disruptive or anything, just not super engaged. 
 Maybe Snow White wasn't his thing. 
 But, they were thrilled to get to spend some time with Honey, like usual. 
We usually end the show by taking a picture with the marquee outside. 
 It was especially sunny that day.