Friday, December 5, 2014

Dylan Lee - 3 months

Untitled Dylan, Dylan, Dylan....
your third month can mostly be characterized as full of ear infections. 
 You are sweet as can be and want to be so laid back and happy but, you poor thing just have not felt good. We are now on round FOUR of antibiotics. You keep passing infection after infection back and forth between your ears. We have yet to make it back to a 2 week ear check without having to go back earlier for new medicine. 
 We are praying every day that you kick it. I am thinking you may have to be my first kid to get tubes. Dr. Scott says his litmus test for getting tubes is either one ear infection for 3 months or 6 in 6 months...we are fast approaching so we will see how it goes. 
 We will keep praying for complete healing and for the ear infections not to return. Here is a pic of one his dr appts.  One good thing about going all the time is that we get to weigh you like every week.  Right now you are about 12 1/2 pounds.  Even though your appetite goes down some when you feel bad, you are still growing and gaining weight which is great! 
Untitled When you are feeling bad and not wanting to lay down, the baby carrier and naps on mom do the trick.
Other than the ear infections, you have been fabulous. You are a smiley, talkative fool and I can't get enough.
 I just want to hear you talk aalllllll day long.
Here is a little video of you "talking" a bit. I have no idea why some of it is sideways....I am not an expert.
Your siblings are still your favorite people and like to love on you lots!
Untitled Untitled 
When you are awake and I am not holding you, you like spending time in your swing and on your activity mat Kinley's hand-me-down activity mat.
Poor third child gets nothing of their own.
 Kinley and Ty like playing with you on it too.
You have discovered your hands and you want them in your mouth all the time. 

My favorite time of day is the morning when you wake up all swaddled and have a huge smile on your face when you see me.
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled We started you with a little time in your bumbo.
 You aren't totally ready for it yet but, you are close.

And we are getting excited for your first Christmas!
(too cute not to post twice) Untitled
Dylan, you are the sweetest boy and I take my time with you as the greatest gift.  I am so thankful God blessed me with the opportunity to be your mommy.  You are my best accessory right now and I love having you on hand every minute of the day.  You are so tough and so sweet and such an immense source of joy for our family.
I love you so much.
 Here are a few more 3 month pics. These remind me so much of Ty's in this shirt. Except he is only 2 months old and a little "fuller" than you at this point.
 We are working on it. 
 so smiley  
so serious...practicing your model pose...

More November

Just a few more things in November...
Dylan and I went to have lunch with Kinley at school and it was a total surprise to us that Kinley's best friends Erika and Claire's dad was coming to lunch that day too! 
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
We have been regular juicers again lately. 
Ty makes sure of it.  He is obsessed with making "green juice" pretty much everyday.  The good news is, Kinley drinks it too so, it is a great way to get her veggies in. 

Uncle Alex and Dad made smores at home one night. We can't eat like rabbits all the time :)
Ty's outfits of choice are getting are starting to rival Kinley's lately.  He decided to wear mis-matched Christmas pjs and his dinosaur tail to bed one night.
We had a girls dinner one night for Leslie, Donna and Staci's birthday at Buca di beppo in the pope room with the creepiest pope head EVER on our table.
 Of course he had to make the picture.
Dylan got to ride in Uncle Matt-Matt's Maserati....only high rolling for the babe.
I got to go Kinley's class Thanksgiving feast. It was so fun to be there with just my girl.
Untitled Untitled
She was not enthused to wear her turkey hat but, it was obligatory for a couple pics.
Untitled Untitled
Her thankful turkey was so cute.
And her sweet thanksgiving feast picture is supposed to be me and her sitting together at the table. Untitled
The Fogles came in town for Thanksgiving and we got to spend a couple days hanging with them and it was a dream come true. We played one day at Jump for Fun.
Untitled Untitled Untitled
November has been good but we are ready for December and starting to get ready for Christmas! We had so much fun decorating our house for Christmas for the first time.
Untitled Untitled
I know it's hard to believe, but Kinley decorated this tree in her room all by herself and then took my phone to take a picture of it to show me.
The popsicle snowflakes from Kinley's birthday party made a comeback for Christmas this year. Untitled
And thanks to Aunt Minnie we are all ready and decked out in our new Christmas jammies.
Untitled And Dylan is ready too... Untitled Untitled Untitled

Thursday, December 4, 2014


So, Ben has a new talent.
He is my new live-in woodworker.
I have been begging him for a mudroom bench for so, so long.
The problem is, I don't have a mudroom.
It has been driving me crazy that when we come in from the garage with jackets, backpacks, the diaper bag, and car seat that we just walk straight into our kitchen and set it all down leaving the kitchen a mess within 30 seconds of being home.
  So, I convinced him to take down a cabinet in the garage and build a bench in the garage right before you get in the door.
Since this was our first project, it was truly, truly DIY.
We did not have plans or the right tools or any instructions, or finishes and we totally just winged it.
This is the garage wall after we took down a cabinet before the build.
The raw wood before the hooks and stain...there is a gap at the bottom on the back so it will sit on the baseboard flush against the wall.
Untitled Untitled
stained weathered grey
The kids put it to use right away and Kinley even made a sign that said "Go Mom and Dad!" (gotta love those sight words)
It is not the most professional, straight, or beautiful build, but it is getting constant use and I am thrilled to have it!
Well, after that small project, I decided Ben was ready for the big time.
I enlisted him to build me a dining room table before the holidays.
Alex and Mendy have built lots of furniture before and have all sorts of tools and know good websites for plans and stuff so, we took a page out of their book and bought and borrowed some good tools and got a plan off of Ana White's website and went to building.
It was so cool because the table we picked is one that is all over pinterest and featured on Shanty-2-Chic's website.  Whitney is a friend of mine from high school and lives right around the corner from me and she and her sister, Ashley, are super experienced and professional builders. I had no idea the extent of it until we built this table and it is so cool seeing all they can do and all their endless ideas!
  Ben did an amazing job on my table and I am beyond thrilled with it.
All I really did to assist was stain and poly.
 He did everything else with a little help one day from Alex and Gary and Ty.
Aren't they cute!
Untitled Untitled
It fits perfect in our dining room and I got the new chairs at World Market.
I am already thinking about what I am going to have him build for me next!