Monday, October 26, 2015

New York City Girls Weekend

A day later than expected, but with just the right company, Stacee and I got on our flight to NYC.
 I was so excited to be traveling with Stacee. I wasn't totally confident our plane would take off but, I was glad that whatever the day brought, at least I would have a friend with me. We were so excited when we got on the plane! 
New York Girls Trip 
 The New York skyline from the plane is amazing. 
New York Girls Trip 
We landed and met up with Lindsey, Shea and Lydia at our hotel in Times Square. We walked around Times Square a little before heading back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. 
New York Girls Trip New York Girls Trip 
We had dinner reservations at STK. It was delicious and a great meal to start our trip. 
New York Girls Trip New York Girls Trip New York Girls Trip 
After dinner we went to one of my all time favorite NYC spots, Cafe Wha? I am pretty sure the girls were a little skeptical of it when we arrived and went underground but, by the end of the night they loved it as much as I do. The music is unbeatable and we just sang and danced and listened to the music all night long. It was a blast. 
New York Girls Trip New York Girls Trip 
Sunday morning we got up and did a little walking around town on Park and 5th. We stopped at Rockefeller Center to see the ice rink and do some window shopping. 
New York Girls Trip New York Girls Trip 
We ended our morning walk through Central Park. It was overcast but not rainy and not too cold, just the perfect morning.
 New York Girls Trip New York Girls Trip New York Girls Trip New York Girls Trip New York Girls Trip 
We made our way to the boathouse and we decided to do the row boats since none of us had ever done it before. It was so fun. I loved my little row boat date with Lindsey and Stacee. 
New York Girls Trip New York Girls Trip 
After the park, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our matinee show. We had tickets to see "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder." We knew we would be so hungry if we didn't grab a snack before the show so we stopped for hot dogs on the street in our theatre attire. 
New York Girls Trip 
The show was fantastic. It was hilarious and so entertaining. I would totally recommend it. 
New York Girls Trip 
After the show, we went back to the hotel to help Lydia pack up for home. She had to take the train home to Virginia a day early. Then, the rest of us took a subway down to the financial district.
 New York Girls Trip 
We had tickets to the One World Observatory tower. It was so cool to be up there at night and see all the lights of the city. 
New York Girls Trip New York Girls Trip New York Girls Trip 
After that it was dinner at Sofia's in Little Italy. It was delicious and a relaxing dinner. 
New York Girls Trip 
We ended our trip with a bit of a crazy adventure. 
 Lindsey had heard of this underground speakeasy called "Please Don't Tell." 
 It's very small and pretty impossible to get into. 
You have to start calling at 3:00pm on the day you want to go and you keep calling until someone picks up. 
We tried unsuccessfully to get in Saturday night.  I think they called 42 times or something like that. Ross tried again for us on Sunday while we were at our matinee show and started calling around 2:45.  He texted during the show and said we got in at 10:00pm. 
You basically show up to this hot dog shop in the East Village and go inside. 
 It is a real hot dog shop and that's all you see from the outside.
 New York Girls Trip 
Then you go inside this phone booth and pick up the red phone and dial '1.' This is basically the doorbell for Please Don't Tell. 
New York Girls Trip New York Girls Trip New York Girls Trip 
Then the back of the phone booth opens up and you are inside the speakeasy. We sat down and had a drink and it was a great way to end our trip. I am so thankful for these girls and just a chance to get away and relax and enjoy each other. I look forward to lots of girl trips in the future! 
New York Girls Trip

Friday, October 23, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge

The plan was for me to leave for a fun girls trip to New York City but, the Texas weather had another thing planned.  My flight was supposed to depart one hour after Lindsey and Shea's.  They got off just fine but, after 6 hours at the airport and a cancelled flight, it was time to call it a day. 

Fortunately, it was the best of both worlds for me because instead of going home, I got to go with my family to Great Wolf Lodge for the first time!  I had already shed a small tear that all my family was going without me, even though I was excited about my girls trip.  It ended up working  out perfect that I got to do both!

I arrived after hours at the airport to these three sweet faces so excited to see me.  It was so fun.

GWL 2015 We ate dinner then the kids went trick-or-treating. GWL was all decked out for Halloween so here were multiple places for them to go an get some candy around the hotel and the wolf ears were all orange.
 GWL 2015 GWL 2015 GWL 2015 GWL 2015
 After trick-or-treating the kids put on their pjs for storytime.
GWL 2015
Only Kinley was interested in a pic with Violet.
 GWL 2015
After storytime, we went to the arcade to play some games.  Ben won a stuffed animal for Kinley right away out of the grabber machine.  I don't know how he can do those so well but, he wins almost every time.
GWL 2015 
We went to bed and I got up the next morning for a new flight to NYC. The kids got to eat breakfast and swim with everyone.
Untitled It worked out perfect and was so fun!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

More September and October happenings

A few more things that have happened lately that didn't make the blog yet...

We went to McKinney Octoberfest to support Kristen and Allison at their Celebrate-Always booth.
 It was a fun night full of hot dogs, carnival rides, petting zoos and shirt sales.
 They did a great job.
IMG_3557 IMG_3561 IMG_3568 IMG_3591

 Ty and Dylan and I stopped before baseball class one day at the Gateway indoor play area. It was fun to just take the boys to play a little and Dylan is really getting to where he can get around and climb over everything. They had so much fun together.
IMG_3613 IMG_3615 IMG_3620

Ty's show off day in his baseball skills class. He still totally loves it. I don't know how long we can hold him off from playing real teeball.
Sept/Oct 2015
I've been spending a few mornings with this sweet angel, Easton Scott. He is the perfect baby. Never fusses and just is smiling and happy when he's awake and immediately falls asleep without a peep when he's tired. He is precious.
Kinley's first girl scout meeting
  How cute are these matching brothers in their dino pjs from Aunt Minnie and Uncle Alex?
  Dylan 13 months
 This sister is the biggest help. She can pretty much do everything for Dylan. Lift him out of his crib, get him out of the carseat, swing, high chair, even though he is half her size, and hold him for a bottle.
 Sept/Oct 2015
I LOVE ending our day each day all reading together.
 We usually pick a fun book and a bible story and then we all pray.
It is chaotic sometimes with Dylan climbing everywhere but, it is perfect to me. 
Dylan 13 months
 In the car waiting to pick up Kinley.
 We usually park in the parking lot and play around if we are a few minutes early.
  Our after school routine...Dylan up from a nap usually eating or drinking a bottle, Kinley doing homework...math, spelling and reading to me, and Ty is staying busy usually outside.
Sept/Oct 2015
Anson turned 1 on October 5th and we had such a fun time at his first birthday party. Olivia did an amazing job on his pjs and pancakes party and he was just precious!
 Oh how I love my nephew!!!
IMG_3740 IMG_3758
Kinley went early with me to church one weekend I was singing.
 She loves being at rehearsal and riding the bus with me.

Kinley and Ty went to a new dentist because ours retired to stay home with her new baby. We ended up loving him and both kids got great reports.
Dylan 13 months Dylan 13 months
Dylan slept the entire visit in his car seat that he is about to outgrow. I am just keeping him in it as long as I can for convenience factors like this.
Dylan 13 months
We also went to Trader Joes for the first time in Southlake.
 I was truly obsessed and so were my kids. It was the easiest grocery run I've ever had with all three of my kids. It was small and so manageable with tons of options.I've gone back three times already.
  Dylan 13 months
 We took Kinley and Ty to get haircuts at Sharky's. It was pricey but they did a good job and my kids were all three entertained the whole time we were there so, I call it a win.
Dylan 13 months

Monday nights the kids and I have alone while Ben goes straight from work to Bible Study Fellowship at church. He usually gets home after they are in bed. It makes for a long day and we miss daddy but we try to make it relaxing and fun.
 We watch movies while we eat dinner or have picnics outside since the weather is getting nice.
 We text dad that we miss him!
IMG_3623 IMG_3624 IMG_3629
  Ben and I had our last Bass Hall show for the season. We so hope to renew and get new tickets again next year. The last show was Kinky Boots and it was a great way to end the season. Had to take a pic with the boots!
 Sept/Oct 2015
Me and my hot date in the green room at intermission
Sept/Oct 2015
I love the fall!