Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kinley's first Christmas

Disclaimer: Please excuse the excessive amount of pictures that this post entails. Kinley's first Christmas was documented in excess and keep in mind....I probably narrowed down from around 700 pics to get to lie.

We had a fantastic Christmas this year! I already posted the Harrison Christmas that we celebrated on the 22nd...but, we also celebrated the Joyner family Christmas on the 23rd and then, the much awaited Flying H Trailer Park Christmas in East Texas.
1.2.10 mom's camera 094
Kinley was also totally overwhelmed with the number of presents from my mom's side of family Christmas...among her favs were Ni Hao, Ki-Lan DVD's from Mom and Dad, a Kai-Lan doll from Matt, and a Harvard Sweatshirt from Bart & Olivia. Also, Aunt Jan gave Kinley a book with a fantastic poem she wrote which told her how much she loved her and how she will give her a book for all her Christmases to come! So sweet and thoughtful!
1.2.10 mom's camera 095
1.2.10 mom's camera 097
I love this face!
1.2.10 mom's camera 108
The traditional stairstep was a tough race between Danny, Bryan and Ben this year...but, Kinley was for sure the shortest....yea for Olivia!
1.2.10 mom's camera 109
1.2.10 mom's camera 111
Scott's fantastic WT hair...that happens to be mine :-) looks awesome with the Santa hat!
1.2.10 mom's camera 113
1.2.10 mom's camera 115

On the 24th, the morning after Joyner family Christmas, we left with our trailers to the trailer park Christmas!
We set up a camp of 4 trailers in a circle with fantastic Christmas welcome signs outside each trailer. The boys also went out in Inie & Bull's yard and cut down a pine tree for a Christmas tree in the middle which the boys decorated with tinsel and white lights!
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 118
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 093
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 099
1.2.10 mom's camera 148
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 119
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 092
Kinley's set-up in our trailer!
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 126
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 157
David carved this fantastic sign for Bull out of a tree off his ranch over the course of about 10 months! The perfect entrance to our trailer park!
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 160
Bull's face when he saw the sign...I love this pic!

Christmas Eve all the family went to Christmas Eve service at Dekalb United Methodist Church...we basically took up the whole right side of the church and Inie and Bull heard about it for days. We worked hard months in advance for the babies to have exactly the same matching outfits for church and they looked adorable!
girls in church
The girls in church!
1.2.10 mom's camera 123
1.2.10 mom's camera 124
We tried as hard as we could to get a good pic of all the babies after is the best we got. They did well for a while until one started crying and one by one...the all started :-)
1.2.10 mom's camera 134
1.2.10 mom's camera 129
1.2.10 mom's camera 132
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 062
babies on bed
The lineup of babies in age order: Aubrey (16 months), Kinley (9 months), Winlon (7 months), and Luke (4 months).

Christmas day we opened our stockings in Mom & Dad's trailer...never thought I would say that!
1.2.10 mom's camera 163
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 146
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 134
Pretty blue eyes!
1.2.10 mom's camera 161
Then we all put on our shirts for Christmas day!
back of shirt
Boys in green...girls in red!
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 312
Christmas lunch was good for everyone!
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 310
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 089
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 090
Look how big Luke is!

A tradition of ours that we do every holiday is sit in a big circle and basically tell each other what we are thankful for and what we loved during the last is a big excuse for us to all sit around and cry a lot. Maybe weird for some but, normal for us. Bull starts it off and we cry the whole time!
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 296
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 294
1.2.10 mom's camera 168

After lunch it was time for family pics outside with our fantastic trailer park as a background!
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 264
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 230
It was really, the boys are squinting.
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 224
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 221
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 219
All the grandkids and great-grandkids with Inie & Bull
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 186
Bull wanted a pic with all the 'red shirts'...
1.1.10 Olivia's camera 205 Inie got a pic with all the green shirts!

Overall, it was a wonderful Christmas! Kinley was so loved on and we are so thankful for the amazing family that we have!


Camila said...

So many comments:
1. Winlon has the same Harvard sweatshirt and we took it to Texas! We could have gotten another matching baby pic and didn't even know it!
2. So. Many. Good. Pictures of TP Christmas! Love them all!
3. It was so fun to see ya'll and see how big Kinley is getting! We had a blast (except for the throwing up part)
4. The t-shirts are fantastic.
5. I am just going to link to this blog post b/c you have so many great pics.

kristen said...

Oh my gosh I just love this post!! Everyone looks so gorgeous and it just looks like so much fun!! I love all the trailers and I love all the babies!! And that kinley loves ni hao kilan!! We love her! And all Asians and those who are mistaken to be Asian...miss yall already!!

Allison said...

Love everything! The Flying H sign is unreal! David is amazing! What a fun Christmas ya'll had. I just love it all!

Honey said...

Great job on the Christmas blog!!! It will always be a favorite memory and hopefully we'll forget the part about the nasty stomach bug! You did a great job on the t-shirts. I'll be wearing mine for years to come, especially at Christmas time.