Sunday, January 17, 2010

grocery shopping and mouse pads

Today we had January family birthdays and we celebrated Momma Gay, Aunt Jan and Brooke. I decided to try to make some projects on my new sewing machine for them! Momma Gay is our family seamstress and I knew she would appreciate it. So, around 11:00 last night I decided to whip up some mouse pads for the birthday girls! Momma Gay and Aunt Jan got linen and paisley and Brooke got a more age-appropriate fabric pattern that matches the cozy cubes I made! I think they turned out pretty good!
1.17.10 016
1.17.10 017
When we got there Kinley was in for a fantastic suprise because mom had bought a brand new shopping cart for Kinley to play with. It is amazing! She can push it around and practice her walking and even scan all the items in the cart with the scanner. It is awesome!
1.17.10 014
1.17.10 013
1.17.10 015

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