Monday, January 16, 2012

lately...and a moss letter project

I am finally back! It feels like forever since I have blogged or really had anything to blog about! The holidays kinda did one over on us and I have felt a little overwhelmed ever since. We have been sick off and on for a while now and are just starting to get back in the swing of things. Just to catch up....

Ben and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on the 7th. We celebrated with a night out in Ft. Worth at Del Friscos. Mendy was the first one to babysit both kiddos for the night by herself. She was a total rockstar and had both babies asleep and in their own beds when we got home. The past 6 years have seemed like forever and just a moment at the same time. They have been the absolute best of my life and I am so in love with Ben and the man, husband and father he has become. I am so excited for many more years to come. (pardon the pics of pics from our wedding album)
Kinley is back in the swing of school and loving it this semester (and so am I). I love her school and the theme months they have. There is a color and shape of the month and a different letter and number every week. Apparently this month they are learning that they live in Texas and so it's Western Month. They took these adorable pics of her whole class and made them into cute Wanted posters outside their classroom. (also pics of pics here)
When she is not at school, she has been having fun cooking at Honey's house in total princess gear.
Ty turned 4 months old on Saturday....we don't go to the doctor until the 26th so I am going to wait and post his 4 month post then. But, we did celebrate McKenna's 1st Bee-day in Temple on Saturday and it was unBEElievable. Take a look for yourself. Kinley was totally beat afterward.
Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 8.37.34 PM
We have been doing a couple of home improvement projects around the house over the last couple weeks. I am trying to re-make-over my office to be much more functional for a true home office. More on that to come. We have had lots of help from kinley driving around Lowe's.
I actually have been doing a couple craft projects lately also. Friday night we had a little girls night at Mendy's to make some moss letters. Mendy, Natalie, Ashley and I busted out the Silhouette and cut out some letters for templates to hot glue some moss on. It was a messy but super simple project and I totally recommend it if you need a little pop of green somewhere. I think I am going to put mine in my huge hutch at the back of our living room. But, in truth, it may travel around a few places till I get it where I like it.
Ty slept through all this fun.
In case you want to make one too...
Pick any font you like, cut out a template on the silhouette (or by hand), and trace it onto foam board.
Then cut your letter out of foam board
You can get some of this flat Instant Green Moss Cloth at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.
Then cut it a little bit bigger than your letter
and hot glue it on.
not sure why this pic is kinda dark but it did turn out cute.
More posts and crafts to come this week!


Honey said...

Still love those pics of your wedding :) Y'all are so blessed. Cool moss letters!

Nat said...

Loved seeing this post! Had so much fun! Must do it again soon! In fact come to CS and we will craft here!

kristen said...

i want to copy this too!! i love the moss letters. would be so cute on the front door instead of a wreath.

Allison said...

I love all the projects you have been doing! Happy way belated anniversary too:) I love the wedding pictures!