Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week before Kindergarten

The week leading up to Kindergarten was busy and filled with lots of fun preparation activities.
We had Kinley's last playgroup at The Ark in Coppell.
She asked to go there and almost everyone could come. That rarely happens so it was so fun. Not everyone made the pics.
Some LOVE to pose (i.e. Kinley) and some don't love to pose (i.e. Ty).
That background back to back pose kills me.
IMG_3123 IMG_3127 IMG_3137
And one of the sweetest things ever was that I got a text basically just requesting the presence of our big Kindergartener to show up at a frozen yogurt place at 7:00 one evening.
They had planned a secret frozen yogurt surprise party for Kinley to say Happy Kindergarten.
Kinley was SO, SO surprised and felt so loved.
She was smiling ear to ear and it seriously meant so much to her. They had balloons and yelled surprise and had printed this picture on a canvas and all signed it for her.
EIGHT more of these kiddos will all go to Kindergarten next year but, Kinley is the only one to go this year so it is new to everybody.
IMG_3164 IMG_3153 The workers and people at the frozen yogurt place hated us.
There were so many of us and we were so loud. But, everyone had the best time.
 I love this pic of Ty and Giuliana.
IMG_3158 IMG_3161
Kinley and I got to go on some fantastic shopping sprees with Gram and Honey which was a huge blessing and so much fun for Kinley.
 She is not someone I can just buy clothes for and hope she wears them.
 She tries everything on and even if I love it and try to convince her its a good purchase, if she doesn't like it, there is no point and its a waste of money.
 Honey's shopping trip was to Grapevine Mills and included dinner at Rainforest CafĂ©.
IMG_3138 IMG_3139
Kinley made sure to bring Ty home a frog hat from our dinner and he loved it.
Kinley went with me for a back to school / pre-baby haircut. It was some fun girl time.
IMG_3199 IMG_3187 IMG_3191
Sunday we went to get mani/pedis with Honey. IMG_3223
After the initial first day hype, we will need to bring Kinley back down to earth. She has been very celebrated lately and it will be good to get things into a more normal routine. But, it has been the most fun just making her last week of summer before Kindergarten so special.

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