Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day!
What a day to pause and remember all who fight and serve our country and pay the ultimate price in sacrificing their lives for our freedom.  They so deserve to be celebrated.  I tried even harder this year to explain to Kinley what Memorial Day is and all that it means.  
It is a tough subject for a 5 year old but,  I think she somewhat got it.

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake with our families and it could not have been more fun or relaxing.  It is such a blessing for my kids that all 4 of their grandparents are friends and love hanging out together and would not rather be anywhere else than with them.  
It is always a treat.

The highlight of our weekend this time was that we rented some stand up paddle boards for the first time.  It was a HUGE hit and I totally foresee us purchasing one in the future.  
It was the perfect thing for us to do  right from the house with the water level still being somewhat low.  
It was a big hit for adults, kids of all ages, and even dogs :)
Ignore the preggo belly...I just swear one day when I am 80 or even just past kid-bearing age I will love to look back on what it looked like for me to be pregnant with each kid.  So, I make sure to include some of those.
IMG_1645 IMG_1648
There were only a few falls off the SUP boards.  
The most dramatic being one time when Kinley and Mendy both fell in the middle of our cove.  There was not a second where they weren't safe but Kinley was terrified of the unexpected fall and screamed from sheer terror for a few minutes.  But, we talked her through it and told her she was safe and that it was fun and before long she was asking to head back out on the board and telling the story all night long.IMG_1659
We also had lots of boat time cruising on the water and both kids loved being in the drivers' seat.
My pretty girl...she is looking SO big!

IMG_1632 IMG_1633 IMG_1634 IMG_1637 
Even though the water was pretty much freezing, Ty wanted in and thankfully Ben, Alex and Mendy made sure he had some swim time.  You can only keep a toddler on a boat surrounded by water so long before they are just dying to get in.
IMG_1653 IMG_1652 IMG_1654 IMG_1655
They have the best aunts and uncles ever!
We also spent lots of time at the house grilling, eating, playing in the sand, the baby pool and on the swing set.
What mom?  I am so cool filling up my pool. IMG_1636

We also fished every day and Alex even shot a couple water snakes in the head from the dock with his pellet gun.  
This nevers get old to boys no matter what your age.
IMG_1643 IMG_1638
Kinley was a nurse one day and everyone had an ailment whether you wanted one or not.  Her specialties are making slings for broken arms and bandaging wounds on extremities.
IMG_1641 IMG_1642
It was a special family-filled weekend for us and we are so thankful for the chance to spend so much time with our parents and siblings.  
We love you all so much!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Last Day of School

Tuesday was Kinley & Ty's last day of Preschool for the year.
 It is always bitter sweet for me when a year comes to a close but, especially this year. It was so weird to know that Kinley will not be going back to preschool next year and will be moving up to Kindergarten.
 I am so glad that I have many more years there with Ty and baby #3.
 I was so sad this year to leave our teachers.
 They have been my absolute favorite in our 4 years there. Both kids were supported and praised for their achievements and cared for with patience and discipline in their shortcomings. I truly felt both kids learned and grew from their teachers and were loved well.
 I am so, so thankful for that.
 I got texts from both class teachers with pictures from the last day of school of their classes.
 Here is Ty's Giraffe class with Ms Dianna and Ms Rachel
IMG_1567 Here is Kinley's VW Bug class
IMG_1569 Kinley had a 1/2 day her last day of school so all the 4s classes could go together to celebrate at the park. We went with Donna and Arabella.
Here are Kinley and Arabella with Ms Jessie.
These girls will so miss each other next year. It has been such a treat having them in class together this year.
We had our traditional end of the school year pics in the front yard. It is so hard to get them both looking and smiling these days. I can't even imagine how hard it will be with three.
  IMG_5434 IMG_5442 Kinley has this pose down
I feel like Ty has grown so much this year. IMG_5437 IMG_5447 IMG_5449 IMG_1558 IMG_1559
I can always count on a silly face pic though. IMG_5439
It was Kinley's idea on her own to wear the exact same outfit to school the last day that she did on the first day so she could "see how much she's grown."
 She remembered exactly what she wore and everything.
 I tried to do the same with Ty but he has pretty much outgrown his.
 Here is a comparison:
First Day of School - 9/10/13 IMG_3939 IMG_3963 Last Day of School - 5/20/14
IMG_5446 IMG_5438

One big change is that we are taking pics in a totally different front yard.  
And, oh how I hope that bleach blonde hair comes back this summer for the next set of beginning of the year pics.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gymnastics Show Off

Oh what a treasure this year has been for Ty and Kinley to be taking gymnastics together.
I know it is such a limited time frame that they will be able to take any activity together and I have loved it so much.
Many times during the class I can see them yelling across the gym to each other "good job" or "Hi" or "watch me."
  It is so cute.
Last week was the end of year show off. Ben, mom and I went to watch and they loved showing off their skills.
Not the clearest pics but, look at that showing off smile!
IMG_5360 IMG_5368
Coach Rod helping out Ty and Hudson.
The boys LOVE coach Rod, they jump up and down to see him, jorts and all. I would love to be a fly on the wall to listen to what he does for the boys to have so much fun with him.
IMG_5363 IMG_5369
These four boys are too much cuteness...Walker, Ty, Druz & Hudson
IMG_5372 IMG_5376 Kinley's best "event" if you will is the rope. It scares me how high she can climb. Crazy upper body strength.
Happy boy running back for his turn on the trampoline
IMG_5389 IMG_5386
And of course, the "Medal Ceremony!"
They LOVE it.
IMG_5400 IMG_5401 IMG_5408
If this isn't the cutest class...I don't know what is. Good thing we have lots of activities planned together for the summer because otherwise we would be having withdrawals.
IMG_5419 IMG_5420 IMG_5429 Left to Right:
 Front row: Walker, Lila, Hudson, Ty & Kinley
 Back Row: Druz, Bryden, Aslynn, Harper & Tatum
IMG_5430 IMG_1472 IMG_1470
The show off isn't complete without a lollipop from Honey.
IMG_1476 IMG_5432