Saturday, August 30, 2014

August Photo Dump

Here are some other August happenings.... 
 We had the best college roommate sleepover the night of Baby #3 shower. 
 Kris and I had so much fun spending time with Lindsay and Beau (even though we missed Knox desperately!) and we are so glad the Barry's are in College Station now! Hoping for many more roomie sleepovers soon. 
Have you ever seen cuter babies than Beau and Shea!? 
The "Big" kids played non-stop for all hours of the night. Hair, makeup, glitter tattoos and the nail salon got the majority of the attention.
I love this morning pic of Kinley and Shea Shea. 

 We went to the Grapevine Mills Aquarium with the Bartels one day. 
How cool is this kid with his sunglasses, spikey hair and shark shirt? 
IMG_3076 Ty and SR are obsessed with sting rays. 
These girls are ALWAYS posing... 
Like typical...Ty and SR can't be bothered to look up from the shark teeth for a picture and the girls can't stop posing and just smile.
 We also couldn't visit the mall without a trip to the food court and a carousel ride.

 Later that night we ate dinner in Grapevine with daddy and couldn't pass by the vintage train without a stop for admiring and pictures. 
 I just love this train phase that Ty is in. 
 It is one of my favorites. 
 So excited for a train 3rd birthday party coming soon! 
Kinley doesn't go anywhere really without her American Girl, Lila, and mine from when I was a little girl, Kirsten. 
 I guess they needed a train ride too. 

Kinley got to spend a long day with the Bartels for a play date on her own one Saturday. They went to Arabella's painting birthday party and just played. 
 One last long playdate before Kinder. 
IMG_3113 IMG_3111 IMG_3114 
 We did the ice bucket challenge over here....along with everyone else :) 
 Ben and I got to go to the Bass Hall to see the Tribute - a 1964 Beatles tribute band with Cheryl, Mendy, Alex and Francesca. 
 It was a fun night out. 
IMG_3118 IMG_3117

I have blogged before about how sad I am going to be when my kids don't want to be with me 24/7 while we are at home, including while I get ready. 
 From when Kinley was an infant I put the baby swing in my bathroom and she would swing through my shower, hair dryer and getting ready. 
Then she and Ty would sit with me in the bumbo or bouncer or their pottery barn chair inside my closet while I got ready or put on makeup. 
 The trend continues at this house and even as they have aged a bit. 
 And, I love it. 
 Here is Ty practicing his hair drying skills. 
And trying on Dad's boots 

 Also, this melted my heart one night when I got back from bible study and Ben had put the kids in bed and I found this from Kinley on the door from the garage as a note to me when I got home. 
Ty and I had some fun Kinley's first full Friday of school at Jump for Fun and met up with Jessica & Ali and their littles. Then Ben came to surprise us and took us to a fun lunch date! 
  IMG_3284 IMG_3287 
Superman on the Superman bounce house IMG_3290 
And if it resembles a train table...of course he spends lots of time there IMG_3294 
Bringing these kids back together after a long day apart is the sweetest.
 I love how they LOVE each other and constantly want to be together. 
 August has been awesome, but we are ready for September! 
 Bring on babies, birthdays and more college football :) 
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