Wednesday, May 26, 2010

glowworm grunt

I took this video on my iphone the other day and sent it to a couple people. After some pressure, I am posting it on the blog because it really is hilarious...and because unless your iphone has video capability no one else could see it. Kinley has recently been making a grunting noise when trying to push a button or squeeze a toy with all her might. She really got into it with her glowworm the other day...I am sure she will kill me for posting these things some day....haha!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

work weekend and screen printed curtains

This weekend was our first official weekend as a family at the Harrison's new lakehouse. It was so fun to drive out on Friday for a lake weekend. This was definitely more of a work trip than anything...but, that is so fun for me! We cleaned, unpacked, dish-washed, painted, power washed and were frequent Lowe's shoppers. We were totally exhausted but, so totally excited about all the fun memories we will have out there.

I spent a lot of time this last week working on curtains for our room at the lakehouse. It was really the first thing that I ever screenprinted with my new screen by myself. I was a little worried at first...but, I think they turned out pretty good. I used this tutorial from Lil Blue Boo. I printed out the pattern from this website and screen printed 6 panels on white muslin with turqoiuse paint.

5.23.10 003
I mixed Jaquard turquoise and royal blue paint to get a shade that I liked.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
I worked in the garage all day one day during Kinley's naps and they ended up looking great in the room! Here is the before:
And after:
5.23.10 030
My whole vision for the room was all white with a turquoise accent. We painted the existing bed white and the walls of the room grey. We still have some work to do with the bedside tables, lamps and accessories. But, it is a pretty good start! I love it! I think we will love going to bed and waking up in this room at the lakehouse. Kinley's room is adjoining to ours and we are in the process of working on that and I will post pics when we are done there.
Picnik collage

Also, this weekend we worked hard on Mendy and Alex's "blue" bathroom upstairs. This is one of the best "befores" I have ever seen! It has these fabulous porcelain blue sinks, bathtub and toilet, fantastic blue and white specked ceramic tile surrounding the tub, and faux blue marble formica countertops.
Picnik collage
We are definitely not doing any renovation or purchasing of new, we are seeing what the miracles of paint can do. So far, we painted all of the ceramic tile white with pool looks amazing. We have painted the bathroom a shale grey color that will be in their bedroom and primed the countertops white. We still need to get some new countertop paint and touch up the cabinets...but, already the transformation is amazing!
5.23.10 036
5.23.10 050
5.23.10 051
5.23.10 040
5.23.10 052

While we were painting and hanging curtains, the boys swept the deck and power washed like crazy....
5.23.10 026
Picnik collage
and Kinley did this...
5.23.10 042
5.23.10 041
Picnik collage

Even through all the hard work...we found some time to have fun!
5.23.10 023
5.23.10 048
5.23.10 028
We can't wait to go again and for more work and play!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wedding flashback...

Mendy is frantically trying to get her wedding planned in the couple months they have before their tentative wedding date on July 30th. For fun one day, we went to my mom's house for her to try on my wedding dress. It actually fit her like perfectly! I could not believe how perfectly it fit her. But, while we were there they wanted me to put it back on too. I was shocked I could even get it zipped...but, it was so fun to see what a difference 4 years make. So awesome to be holding my sweet baby girl now!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Spotted.....Three girls in Texas uber-excited about the finale of a fabulous show on the CW tonight. What did they do? Make mathing t-shirts for the occasion of course! For all you GG watchers out there...hope your night is fun too!

You know you love me, XOXO.....Gossip Girl
5.13.10 002
5.13.10 001
5.13.10 004
5.13.10 005
5.13.10 007

Sunday, May 16, 2010

sickly aggie friday

This has been our weekend at the Harrison house.
Picnik collage
We went to CareNow Saturday morning after Kinley running a fever and found out she has strep throat and an ear infection. I have no idea how she got strep throat. But, I do think that we have been going and going so much that she got run down.

One of our adventures lately was a trip to College Station for my cousin Scott and his fiance Katie's graduation. We got there late Friday night and hung out in our hotel room with Matt. Kinley finally fell asleep late and she looked so cute we just took a ton of pics.
Picnik collage
I took this pic of Kinley 'passed out' with my phone and sent it out to our family and then took a similar picture of Uncle Matt...he was posing..but, it was a funny follow up.
5.16.10 044
Picnik collage
Being in College Station is always fun and brings back so many memories. It was a bummer that Kinley was sick. As a result, in our down time...we did a lot of this.
Singing the Fight Song and the Aggie War Hymn in a full Reed Arena was so fun! Kinley was running a fever by this point and so she slept through most of the graduation.
5.16.10 052
Picnik collage
5.16.10 050
We had a fun party after for Scott and Katie and celebrated the newest Former Students.
Picnik collage
I am so glad we went to College Station to celebrate Scott and Katie. Congrats Grads!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

hiding place

Kinley has one cabinet in our kitchen that is not 'baby-proofed.' It contains all of our plastic and tupperware. She loves to pull everything out of it. But, last night she found out that she can pull everything out and get inside the cabinet. She was so proud of herself. I am sure this will be happening over and over again in our future. Haha!
5.13.10 013
Picnik collage
5.13.10 019

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Mother's Day today! It was a great one for me. It is only my second mother's day this year but I feel a little more like a real mother this year...and not so much a totally out of my element person with a new baby. Ben woke me up with the sweetest letter ever....he knows the key to my heart and told me I could pick out some new Ray Bans! I just need to decide which ones!

After church we celebrated with my mom. If you know me at know that my mom is like my best friend. She can make me laugh harder than anyone. She is always so fun to be around and loves to spend time with Kinley. It was so fun to celebrate Mother's day with Honey! Also, if you know know I love anything matching! So, I got the inspiration from MADE to do some fun pj's for Mother's Day. Instead of shorts I went with capris and instead of regular cotton fabric...I went with a knit t-shirt material. They turned out SO, SO comfy! I felt like we needed a matching T-shirt to complete the outfit so I used the freezer paper method and screen printed some comfy T's to match. It was really fun to make these and I loved getting a text from mom tonight saying she was still wearing them from this afternoon! So fun!

5.9.10 108
5.9.10 008
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Kinley loved hanging out with her Boss too!

This afternoon we went to celebrate with the Harrison's with my fabulous Mother-in-law, Cheryl! Cheryl is seriously the greatest Mother-in-law. She is always patient, so selfless, supportive and a blast! She can balance a successful career, cooking for 20, and still find time to look like she is so rested and relaxed! I don't know how she does it. For her present, we went together with the newly engaged Mendy and Alex for Cheryl's present. Mendy picked up a Perini's cookbook in Abilene, which Cheryl LOVED because that restaurant is fab times 10! Then, for the second part, we were pretty sneaky Saturday night at David Read's graduation party and took a ton of pics for the rest of Cheryl's present. We decided to blow up and frame some black and white pics for Cheryl for the Harrison's new LAKE HOUSE! I will be posting many a lakehouse post in the next few months as we make it from house to home and we hope this gift started it all off with a bang! Here are the pics we some more from the party that were too cute not to post.

Picnik collage
Picnik collage
For some reason we kept trying over and over to get a "cheek to cheek" picture. Alex looked a little bit silly in the first we could not stop laughing until we got a good one.
Picnik collage
5.9.10 037
Picnik collage
David getting toasted by Martin and cutting his cake and Christine and Paulo acting silly with stuff in their teeth.

It was such a fun weekend and a great way to celebrate Mother's Day today! I hope you all had a great day too!