Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Eve

We had a very small, impromptu New Years' Eve with family. 
 Kinley and I were really wanting a balloon drop and I finally found a good use for the horrible octagon shaped hole in my dining room.
 A few balloons and a little clear cellophane and voila! 
 I put up some butcher paper and had people write some goals for the new year.
The night was full of games and music and fun and yummy brisket Ben smoked  on the green egg.
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A big sleepover means New Years Day breakfast!
My least favorite thing about Christmas being over is having to take down all my Christmas cards. I LOVE seeing these precious faces of family and friends each day. 

(Sidenote: If you send a Christmas card...ALWAYS send a picture. Because otherwise, does it really count!? I want to see your beautiful faces!!)

Thursday, December 28, 2017

More December - Everyday things, Helicopter Santa, American Girl, and Santa Pics

I never want to forget how this boy loves to help me make my coffee. 
 He can work the whole Keurig and stirs in my almond milk.
 Its precious time every morning. 
Dec 2017 - part 1 Dec 2017 - part 1 
McDonald's ice cream date for these two one day. 
Dec 2017 - part 3 

Kinley & Ty wore white the day that Santa was coming to visit. 
He came in on a helicopter to school one day and it was a total hit. 
All the kids in every grade gathered around the blacktop. 
Santa touched down and then made the rounds to take pics and shake hands with all the kids. 
Dec 2017 - part 3 Dec 2017 - part 3 Dec 2017 - part 3 Dec 2017 - part 3 Dec 2017 - part 3 Dec 2017 - part 3 

Ty spent his Tiger Bucks one day to have lunch in the classroom with Mrs. Richardson. We LOVE her! 
Dec 2017 - part 4 

We had a girls day at the American Girl Doll Store so we could get Kinley's doll, Lila's, hair fixed, take my old American Girl doll, Kirstin, in to have her leg repaired and have brunch. 
Dec 2017 - part 2 
Yall, American Girl has better customer service than anyone. 
They took my sweet 30 year old doll and wrapped her in a hospital gown and sent her off for repairs. A couple weeks later they called me to, not only, tell me that Kirstin was "doing great," but that they were going to replace her leg for free and also give her new eyeballs because they were a bit glassy.  (What?!) A week or so after their call, we got Kirstin back in the mail with a new pretty hairdo, new eyes and all wrapped up in her hospital gown still.
Anniversary trip to Vail, CO

 We had an appointment to get Lila's hair done after brunch but we had a little time to kill in between. So we dropped her off, picked up her hairstyle and went shopping around the Galleria. 
Dec 2017 - part 2 Dec 2017 - part 2 Dec 2017 - part 2 Dec 2017 - part 2 
When we came back to watch her get her hair done, they were profusely apologizing because they had accidentally switched Lila with another doll and she had an accidental ear piercing! 
They were so sorry but, we could have the ear piercing for free and 4 sets of free earrings. 
Yall, for real!? This is still a doll, right?
 Kinley was thrilled. 
 I couldn't believe how accommodating they were for these dolls. 
Its a whole other world.
 Dec 2017 - part 2 
Showing off her new hair and earrings.
 Dec 2017 - part 2 Dec 2017 - part 2 Dec 2017 - part 2 Dec 2017 - part 2 

Since Kinley had a pretty special day at American Girl, I decided to take Ty out on a date to Dave & Busters one night. 
While he still loves his one-on-one time with me and thinks I am cool, I am doing this as much as I can!
 Dec 2017 - part 4 Dec 2017 - part 4 Dec 2017 - part 4 

We finally got a picture with all my kids and Santa in our favorite Compass Kids Choir tees. We love the Santa at North East Mall. For good smiles, they got popcorn and cookies. 
Untitled Untitled Untitled 
After Christmas, we finally did get to Holiday in the Park. We went with the Nordells and had Aubrey with us because she was spending the night.
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We love Six Flags at Holiday in the Park. Such a huge perk for our season pass!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas from Kinley

Kinley wrote her own Christmas story book one morning in her class at church.
 Love how these little truths are sinking in.
 Dec 2017 - part 4 Dec 2017 - part 4 Dec 2017 - part 4 Dec 2017 - part 4 
 Love how she sees the humiltiy of Christ's birth and how God sovereignly has a plan for each of us in this story. 
Praise you Lord for sending your precious son as a baby. 
Oh let us not ever take it for granted and continue to see it in a new light and through a new lens. 
Merry Christmas

Buddy the Elf Advent Days 21 - 25 - Carriage Ride & Christmas Celebrations

Day 21 - Ride in a Carraige to look at Christmas Lights Untitled

A favorite Howe family tradition. Dinner at Mi Cocina and a carriage ride around Highland park to look at Christmas lights!
Our driver was SO patient.
This happened the ENTIRE ride...constant begging to sit by him, ask about his horse, and ask him 1,382 questions.
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We could not resist driving a couple miles down the road when we finished the carriage ride to see the house of 1,000 Santas.
It is pretty incredible...and also creepy.
 Especially the old Big Tex head.
Untitled Untitled Untitled

 Day 22 - Go to Holiday in the Park
Well, sometimes plans DONT work out.
 It was a monsoon this day and we had plans to meet Bart & Olivia at Six Flags but it just was too cold and rainy.
So, they just came over to hang out and Anson had a sleepover, went to church with us and some friends the next day.
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Day 23 - Joyner Family Christmas Untitled
Mom asked if I would make a Happy Birthday Jesus cake and we all sang together.
An attempt at a great-grandkid pic
Untitled Untitled
Bribing these two with lollipops...and they are the CUTEST

 Day 24 - Read the Night before Christmas & Eat at Waffle House Untitled
We woke up and had our own little family time of opening Christmas presents.
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

 Christmas Eve Service at mom & dad's church
 Untitled Untitled Untitled
 We went to see the newly installed communion rails in the renovated chapel that Mom, Jan & Ben donated in honor of Momma Gay & Pepa.
Untitled Untitled
Favorite Tradition - Christmas Eve WAFFLE HOUSE!!!
I can't.
Opened presents on Christmas Eve at Honey & Boss' before going to sleep.
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Sprinkling Reindeer food so Santa could find us.

Day 25 - Buddy the Elf says bye-bye and we Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus! 
So fun to see all Santa brought to Honey's house!   Untitled
Dylan's corner
 Untitled Untitled
Ty's stash
Untitled Untitled
Kinley's chair
Thank goodness we had some Christmas morning Karaoke in pjs! 

No one I would rather spend my every holiday with than you, my love.
Merry Christmas!!