Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Family Fun

The end of September we got to do lots of fun activities with our cousins!

We celebrated Evelyn's 1st birthday with the sweetest all-girls boho chic fairy party. 
Olivia out-did herself with the gorgeous decor. 
And, Olivia and I even pre-partied earlier in the week to make the baby's breath flower crowns, and she got so many compliments that we feel sure we have a second career in flower crown making, if need be. 
Untitled Untitled 
And, of course, Mendy made this beautiful naked cake
 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Untitled Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Untitled Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017Sept 2017 Untitled 

We also got to spend a couple days one weekend with both Evelyn and Anson when they were staying at mom's house. 
We soaked up as much time as we could. 
We spent a day exploring at Peek & Play Grapevine and just hanging out at our house too. 
Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017Sept 2017 
 Always driving the cars when its nice outside.
 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 

Dylan and I have started some cousin time on Fun Fridays with Aunt Minnie and Cannon.
 It is such special time the boys get to spend just having some fun together while the big kids are in school. 
This particular day we spent at the Ft Worth Children's Museum. 
Sept 2017 Untitled Sept 2017 Untitled 

We also got a zoo trip in one day too. 
Feeding the birds is always a favorite. 
Sept 2017 

To round up some fun family time, we spent Boss' birthday (who is not aging, he's evolving) at his house and all he wanted was Inie to come make him some chicken fried steak. 
It is her GIFT. 
She is incredible at it and it is, hands down, everyone's favorite meal. 
 I decided it had to be documented watching her work in the kitchen and Kinley had a blast learning and helping too.
 Untitled. Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 

Yep, that's Crisco 
Untitled Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 

  Ty and I ended September stopping at the pumpkin patch on opening day for a little one on one date and because I can't get that Kettle Corn fast enough when it finally opens up. 
Untitled Untitled 
Can't believe how big and handsome this boy is getting.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

See You At The Pole - 2017

Ali did it again and made SYATP happen for our school again this year.
It was even bigger than last year and such a sweet morning. She would say I "helped" but literally all I did was make a few posters the night before and post an Instagram notification.
Sept 2017 Sept 2017
Kids showed up in throws. I snapped this pic where the circle around the pole actually looked like the shape of a heart. So cool. 
Sept 2017 

 And the sunrise at that hour is incredible. 
It is like God is just showing up for the gathering of these little children honoring him at their public school. 
Sept 2017 

We used the same outline from last year and let kids randomly read scripture and pray some written out prayers.  We also let them popcorn around and pray as they felt led for their fellow students, faculty, staff and school.
 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 

 Most of Ty's friends who came to his birthday party showed up in their t-shirt from the party. 
I pray these boys are Strong and Courageous for Jesus as they face opposition in their faith. 
Sept 2017 

And our friend Nicole is a professional photographer and sent us a few pics she snapped of the morning.
 Sept 2017 Sept 2017 Sept 2017
SYATP is one of my favorite days of the year!