Friday, July 28, 2017

FUMC Grapevine VBS and a weekend with Cannon

The last week of July my big kids went to VBS at my parents church. 
It is their favorite VBS to do every year.

 This year Amy sent Rilee and Taylor too (which was a dream) and my mom and Aunt Jan were supposed to volunteer and greet each day. It ended up being a rough week for our Joyner family because Momma Gay was admitted to the hospital and we spent much of the entire week in the hospital. 
For my kids to have VBS to look forward to each day was such a blessing.
 It also gave Amy and I some uninterrupted time and an amazing opportunity to be together and to visit our mom's and Momma Gay in the hospital without so much of the crazy. 
Dylan was sad to miss out on VBS this year but he loved going in to drop off each day and play with some of the props. 
July July 
We did a lemonade stand one day at the Bartels to raise money for the offering. It was awesome and the kids raised $62
! Untitled July July 

 Friday of that week, Mendy and Alex went out of town for a weekend away with friends so we got to keep Cannon for the weekend! We went to the closing chapel for VBS with Amy, who was also keeping Easton, and these kids just had the best time! 
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Both nights of the weekend, Kinley and I went to stay over at Mendy and Alex's with Brinkley and Cannon so he could sleep in his own bed. He was so easy and sweet and fun. Kinley and I stayed up late eating ice cream and watching Disney shows and it was just so much fun. In the morning, Cannon and I woke up and had milk and coffee and some tv/quiet time and let Kinley sleep. 

More pics of fun with Cannon over the weekend....we hung out with Bart and Olivia one night and went to dinner and played at our house, bath time, fun at home, and ended with church on Sunday. 
Loved claiming Cannon as my 4th kid for a weekend. 
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Monday, July 24, 2017

Dylan - Summer Storytime

Dylan got to do a Summer Storytime class again this year. 
 It is one activity that only he has gotten a chance to do and it is just for him. 
He loves those songs and stories. And mostly it is just fun to have a one-on-one activity with my littlest man.
Sometimes sister likes to come in and help too
 July Untitled 
his bee for his favorite song "Three Little Bumblebees" 
Untitled July 
Pretending to be asleep for one of the songs
We hope to continue our one-on-one library time into the school year this year. It is just too great of a place to not go every week!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Playdates and Visitors

We spent pretty much all of July close to home. 
 We did our best to just really relax, spend a lot of quality family time, and have playdates with friends we don't always get to see. 

 BFF playdates were in full force as often as possible. 
 We had a full on Slime Day at Allison's house. 
July July July July Untitled Untitled July 
We went to Altitude Trampoline park in Grapevine another day and these kids jumped until they couldn't anymore.
Love this pic of these three mini-me's. Like mother like daughter. 
I PRAY their friendship is fierce and real like ours.

We went to the Ft Worth Children's museum one day and lived it up in the craft room and the Dora & Diego exhibit, where Dylan wanted lots of pictures. 
July July July July July 
 The bed of nails...always a hit
 July July July 
Swim day with everyone at Minnie and Jake's one day.

We had a goodbye dinner at the Harrison's for Francesca and Rafael who moved to Atlanta....tear. Mike and Debbie were in town too so it was nice to have a mini-Lamke-side get together. 
July July July 
We did maximized Free Chickfila day as much as possible, for every meal. 
July July July 
  Kinley sandwiched her lunch and dinner Chickfila meals with a playdate with Arabella and Giuliana 
July July July 

Any day we see Ryder at the gym is cause for celebration and a picture in Dylan's eyes. 
Adult play-date night for Ross' birthday. 
 We did dinner at Mi Cocina and an Escape Room. I know you can tell by these pictures that the Escape Room people LOVED us. :)
 It was so fun! 
July July July