Thursday, August 28, 2014

CW 2014 and Pepa's 90th Birthday

The last weekend of August was Cousins Weekend 2014. 
 It is seriously a week we look forward to all year long. 
 There is intense scheduling and online polls involved to be sure everyone can attend and there are lots of hilarious emails that go around weeks in advance to just get everyone even more excited. 
 It is such a special weekend with our family that is just precious to us and we are fiercely protective to keep it going despite growing families and even busier schedules. 
The only person missing this year was Brooke, which was hard on all of us and her...but, we all agreed we would rather be where she was...moving in her dorm, starting sorority Rush, and getting ready for freshman year at the greatest school on earth, Texas A&M. 
 We are so proud of her and of us has been where she is and went to A&M so, it is just one more thing that bonds us together. 
 We invite them every year, but, this is the first year Alex & Mendy have been able to attend cousins weekend too. 
 They are pretty much like family to everyone else that goes as well, not just Ben and I so everyone was excited they could join too. 
 I am terrible at taking pictures at cousins weekend because I really am just soaking up every minute with everyone and totally removed from all responsibility. I can't really explain it but, all I can say is that my stomach hurts every night from laughing so hard. 
It is so, so much fun.
  IMG_3220 Ben and Scott took over shirt making responsibilities from me this year because I just didn't have the time and energy (being 9 months pregnant and Kinley starting school, etc).  
And I think I may permanently hand over the position. 
 They did an awesome job and were hands down everyone's favorite shirts yet. 
IMG_3207 copy IMG_3208 
Look at this newly engaged couple...are they not the cutest!?
We boated most of the day on Saturday...and apparently I took a lot of selfies.... IMG_3210 IMG_3212 IMG_3213 IMG_3214 

 And on Sunday, we picked up and headed home to shower and change and come back together to surprise Pepa for his 90th birthday! 
 We met at LaHacienda and had a private room and surprised him and it was so sweet. He was genuinely so, so thankful and surprised and just felt like the luckiest guy around that we met him for dinner. 
  IMG_5726 IMG_5729 IMG_5730 Ty never wants to pose in a picture, ever. 
So sometimes we just look like Kinley is our only kid. 
Oh, there he made it. 
All the Howes. 
All the Grant kids. 
It was so fun to be together again and with our kids, parents and grandparents. 
IMG_5733 IMG_5740 IMG_5762 
The horses outside were a hit with my kids... 
IMG_5763 IMG_5778 
.....not so much with Rilee and Taylor. 
 How cute are they!? 
Uncle Ben toasting Pepa
  IMG_5745 Pepa gave a talk too.... IMG_5750 
Singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles with lots of help. 
IMG_5757 IMG_5759 
Momma Gay & Pepa with their kids 
with all their grands and great-grands (minus Brooke)
  IMG_5765 The great-grands
Happy 90th Birthday Pepa!  
I have all four grandparents turning 90 this year, so there is a lot of celebrating to be had.

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kristen said...

i love cousins weekend! and those shirts are fantastic! and happy bday pepa! love you so much!! definitely the most handsome man at that party :)