Sunday, April 29, 2018

Marshall Creek Horseback Riding

Kinley's birthday present from Pops & Gram was a family horseback riding adventure at Marshall Creek Ranch by Grapevine lake. 
We went as a family with Pops & Gram on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. 
After a quick instruction session and getting geared up we all got assigned our horses. 
April pt 4 April pt 4 April pt 4 
Kinley could ride by herself but the boys had to each ride with a trail guide. April pt 4 
 Ty was a little big to partner ride but he squeezed on that saddle and took it like a champ. 
Untitled Untitled April pt 4 April pt 4 

Pictures can.not. do justice how HUGE Gary's horse was. 
Seriously, I could not stop laughing. 
His name was Thor and Gary looked like a miniature person on top. 
April pt 4 April pt 4 
 Everyone's horse was on pretty good behavior except for mine.
 Around the time we were down by the lakeshore we came across a sandy patch. 
 April pt 4 April pt 4 April pt 4 

Apparently my horse loved to play and roll around in the sand because before you know it, he was sitting down on the ground with me still on top. 
 The guides quickly yelled at me to pull up on his reigns and tell him to get up immediately before he rolled over on top of me.
 Cheryl was behind me and saw the entire crazy thing happen.
 It was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. 
 Horses are some very large, strong animals. 
It was a tad bit scary but happened so fast it was all over in a flash. 
 Definitely NOT a boring ride though. 
Just so thankful it was MY horse and not one of my kids!
April pt 4 

We will definitely ride down at Marshall Creek Ranch again. 
It was such a fun thing to do only a few minutes from home. 
 After horseback riding, we went as a family to Breadwinners right around the corner. 
It was delish and such a fun memory.

 April pt 4 

Before heading home, we went by the Medlin Cemetery in Roanoke where a lot of the late Howe family is buried. 
 We visited Bull's grave and Ty Anson found the tombstone of Inie's dad, his namesake, Anson Byron Cannon. 
April pt 4 April pt 4 April pt 4 

 It was such a fun family day that felt like a little slow stay-cation in the middle of a busy spring season.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Spring Compass KIDS Choir

Such an amazing spring season of Compass Kids choir! 
These kids practiced at Compass Center for weeks, learned and sang all the Books of the Bible in order, performed in Church services and at Euless Arbor Daze. 

New tie-dyed tshirts to go with it all and so much fun. 
April pt 2 April Untitled April April April April 

Thank goodness for our fearless leader, Ali! 
April April April April April April April 

Wrap party at Compass Fields
April April April 
 These two show up in these matching tees all the time. 

Friday, April 27, 2018

April Family Fun

Started out April celebrating my favorite guy. 
 Fun birthday night with the kids and TopGolf with friends that are like family.
 Ben is so easy to celebrate and makes everything so much fun. 
Easter and April pt 1 Easter and April pt 1 Easter and April pt 1 Easter and April pt 1 Easter and April pt 1 Easter and April pt 1 Easter and April pt 1 Easter and April pt 1 

We went to Dallas one Sunday to celebrate Anson and Evelyn getting baptized into the Methodist Church. It was an incredible service and such a fun morning celebrating these two angels. 
Easter and April pt 1 Easter and April pt 1 
They had quite the crew to celebrate. 
Easter and April pt 1 
Lunch after and anytime I get snuggles from this angel is my favorite day. 
Easter and April pt 1 

 Randomly one work morning all three of us happened to be over at my mom's house and so we decided to make a moment out of it and take a sibling pic outside of our neighborhood sign.
 Love how big my brothers are.
 I never feel like the shortest one around so they make it so fun! 
Easter and April pt 1 

 Carline pickups with this pup are the sweetest.
 Easter and April pt 1 
Wacky Day at school for Dylan! 
Easter and April pt 1 Easter and April pt 1 

 Love so much the morning snuggles with this boy every day. 
 Even if I have been up 2 hours, I always crawl back in bed with him for a few minutes to snuggle.
 I am making this last as long as I possibly can. 
More April 

Loved getting to help my friend Courtney with a new video for her website advertising her ABC Scripture cards. 
We love them and use them as a family and if you don't have any yet, get some! 
She snapped this pic while we were filming. 
You can watch the video and link to the Scipture Cards here

 Love our Friday playdates with Cannon. 
Such special one on one time these boys are getting together. 
Easter and April pt 1 Easter and April pt 1 Easter and April pt 1 Easter and April pt 1 

 Some playdate days include momma errands Costco! 
Davis was hanging with Cannon on this day and these three had lots of fun.
 More April 

Went to see Beauty & the Beast at Casa with Olivia & Anson and I'm pretty sure this started Anson & Evelyn's deep rooted love for this movie. 
Love hearing them sing the song and put on the show over and over. 
We all hope everyone will develop a love for musical theatre like we have :)
 April April 
 Love family nights. 
 Fall and Spring family walks in our neighborhood are just magical. 
More April More April 
We usually try to do family game night every Tuesday. 
Headbands and Speak Out are fun ones that everyone can play. 
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