Wednesday, August 11, 2010

big sky, montana tees

So, last week before we went to Mexico my sweet friend and college roommate, Lindsay Barry, totally flattered Kristen and I and asked us to screen print T-shirts for her family vacation! Linds sent Kristen the shirts in the mail. They were navy pocket t-shirts, the boys a little darker than the girls.
Linds requested a mountain-scape image on the back of the T's with their vaca-destination, big sky, montana, under it in the patagonia font (which is BelweBold, in case you are wondering)...we downloaded the font for free here to add to our font list. Then, she threw out the idea of the last names of their family in a circle on the front pocket. We LOVED that idea, so cute, and we had never done it before. WordArt has a great ability to type in a circle.
It was SO super sweet of Linds to ask us to help her and she will soon find out that some things look better through a picture on the internet than in person. Each batch of t-shirts we make are very thought out and executed with care...but, most things have some imperfections. But, the imperfections are what make it homemade, special, and least that's what we tell ourselves :-) It was also so fun to do this with Kristen. We had all 4 kids over here and they just played and played while we worked on six adult tee's and a onesie for Linds' adorable niece, baby Presley. We just love Linds and her whole family and miss her all the time. If there was any way we could do this for her and be part of her life from several states away...we were just so excited! Have a fun vacation Linds! Much love from Texas!

Picnik collage
Picnik collage


Allison said...

I LOVE these! Ya'll did such a great job! I love the colors. SO cute! I bet the fam just loved them!

Jan said...

I'm telling should go into the party business sweet niece!