Sunday, June 27, 2010

Amy's Bachelorette Party

This weekend was Amy's Bachelorette Party! I can't believe she is getting married in less than 2 weeks! It is crazy. It was a great night with her close friends and family and I had so much fun planning it! This was my first Bachelorette Party to plan since I have begun blogging and gotten into doing crafty things. I tried to make it classy, not trashy...but, if this is a little "adult" for the blog world, I apologize ahead of time! It was great to personalize the party without spending tons of money on the cheesy bachelorette party supplies that are for purchase!

Earlier in the week I decided to make T-shirts for everyone. I ended up dyeing some white V-neck T's purple because Amy's wedding colors are purple and grey. I designed the martini glass image on the front and text on the back in Pages on the Mac. The martini glass is really just the letter 'Y' with some shapes on top of each other. I took a cue from "The Bachelorette" TV show by using the diamond ring as the 'O' in Bachelorette and took the martini glass on the back as the 'Y' in Party. I screen printed Amy's T-shirt with white paint (because she is the bride) and everyone else's black.
T-shirt front
T-shirt back

I also decided to play up the lingerie shower portion of the evening by making cupcakes into bras. You kinda have to think outside the box here but, when you put them together they kinda look like a purple bra. I also strung purple yarn and hung clothespins on it to display Amy's lingerie gifts. We also made a drink that we like to call "Pink Panty Droppers" from pink lemonade. It fit in with the lingerie theme great without being too trashy.
Picnik collagePInk Panty Droppers

I feel like when you are THE bachelorette that you really should look as tacky as possible and draw tons of attention to yourself. So, I got Amy a HUGE flashing light fake diamond ring, a purple boa, a veil and made her some buttons to wear.
Amy's wear

ButtonBride Button


Overall, I think the party was a hit. Olivia flew in from California and surprised Amy. Amy had no idea she was coming. It was so cute. We ate at La Familia in Ft. Worth and spent the night at the The Renaissance Worthington Hotel, where we had the lingerie shower. If you haven't been to La Familia, you should go. The food is amazing and they have flaming margaritas! It was a fun start to the night. Amy got some great gifts and everyone had a fabulous time and enjoyed themselves. Here are a few more pics from the party.
Picnik collage


kristen said...

linds that party is freakin amazing!! I LOVE IT ALL!! i bet amy loved it! i love the martini glasses and think you are kinda a computer genius!! i mean, a graphic designer. i love it. tell amy congratulations!!

Amy said...

What a fun night!! :) thanks linds- you are the best!

Allison said...

Perfection! The shirts are just fabulous!!! Looks like such a fun night! You did such a great job Lindsay!