Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Etsy purchases

I was so excited this Christmas that I found some fabulous gifts on Etsy! I am kinda new to Etsy, so I was a little overwhelmed at first about how to search for things. But, I just love everything I bought! It is all handmade and personal and just fabulous!

I bought these personalized baby blocks for all the new babies in the Howe family. I got to request fabrics and try to match the babies nurseries or favorite things. I loved how they turned out! If you want some of these take a look at Spotted Whale on Etsy.

I also bought this awesome turquoise magazine holder for Mendy. I just loved it! I think it is so cute for a new apartment or house or something and even cooler if your name starts with an 'M!' If you want one of these you can get one from paperdollwoodshop!
12.16.09 108

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Flying H Trailer Park Christmas Preview....

For those of you not on the Howe side of my family....then you are probably not planning on spending Christmas in an RV. I know this sounds crazy...but, this year for Christmas my family will be sleeping in trailers! We are all traveling out to East Texas where Inie and Bull live and will set up a trailer park of 4 RV's so that we can all be in the same place for the duration of our trip. The hotel / motel option just would not cut it for us. There are a total of 30 of us including 4 new babies this year and we all wanted to be together! So, here is a little preview of our Christmas this year....more to come!

Pics of our home away from home!
12.24.09 001
12.24.09 002
12.24.09 003
Jealous yet????
12.22.09 001
I laminated these signs to either put on stakes and stick in the ground for the trailer park or to tape on all 4 of the trailers!
12.22.09 003
Making tags for the T-shirts!
12.22.09 017
A little sneak peak of the T-shirts! Stay tuned for a glimpse of the whole thing!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Harrison family Christmas

Last night we celebrated Christmas with the Harrison's. Kinley's first Christmas is so much fun so far! She loves presents and unwrapping the bags and tearing paper off the boxes and chewing on everything! It is so fun! It was quite obvious that Kinley made out like a rockstar at the Harrison's! She had 10 times the presents of everyone else and LOVED everything!
12.22.09 004
Kinley in her cute Santa hat!
12.22.09 009
12.22.09 013
Uncle Alex!
Kinley's first cracker...I think it feels good on her teeth!
12.22.09 014
Kinley's stack of presents!
12.22.09 016
Drool baby
12.22.09 018
Opening her first present
By far her favorite gift of the night was this stuffed monkey. She just giggled and giggled everytime she saw it and it is super soft! She loved it!
Ben got presents even though he got his bow a couple months ago! Yay Ben!

kinley's best friends!

Monday afternoon we spent a fantastic afternoon with all of Kinley's best friends at the church! We played in the cube, on the outdoor playground, and around the fountain. It was so fun to have all of Kinley's friends together! It does not happen we made sure to treasure every moment. Kristen bought the most adorable shirts for the babies and we just can't wait to wear them over and over!
The lineup of kiddos (in age order)!
12.22.09 020
Slide time! Everyone but Kinley could do this slide all by themselves!!
12.22.09 021
12.22.09 027
Kinley was slightly traumatized by the big, Kristen was making her feel better!
12.22.09 028
Ben is chilling out!
12.22.09 029
12.22.09 030
Sassy kept having to walk away to have an important phone call....we were a little to loud for her!
12.22.09 035
I think this is the best group shot we got...I love Ella's face! See some outtakes below and try to look through the fountain for Avery...she is too big to be in this baby picture!!
group shot
This was so much fun! I can't wait to do it again!

CHHS girls gift exhange

We had such a fantastic night on Monday and had a few girls over for a CHHS Class of 2000 girls reunion of sort! It was a blast to get to see everyone even for just one night. We had drinks, enough food to feed an army, and a fantastic gift exchange! We have to make it a yearly thing!
12.22.09 038
12.22.09 039
Me and Katy
12.22.09 040
Al and Kris
12.22.09 042
Blair, Nina and Kristen...isn't Kristen's scarf fantastic! She knitted it herself! My friends are so creative!
12.22.09 043
Lauryn and Amy....Amy was thrilled with her gift exchange spoils!
12.22.09 044
Meredith and Hollie
12.22.09 046
12.22.09 047
Kinley had to drop in at the end of the night because she was a little fussy and tired. Teething is painful!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

chuck e cheese

Friday night, Ben got home from work and decided that we MUST go to Chuck E Cheese. I try to reasonably tell him that Kinley is a little too young for that...however, he insists that Chuck E Cheese is where we must go and order pizza and beer and play lots of games. So, trying to be a fantastic wife, I decide to please him and pack up Kinley and head on over. We had our friends Matt, Jen and Eden meet us. I was pretty sure we would not be able to get anyone to go with us...but, they gladly agreed! We had a blast! Even if Kinley could not do much but stare at all the lights and kids run around....the adults LOVED it!

However, I must say that I have not been there in like 15 years an it was not quite the jewel I remember from my past. First off, there is no longer a ball pit which was a tragedy for our little ones. Second, no more pitchers of beer for the adults...only by the glass. Third, the "show" with Chuck E and his friends is not really there anymore and those stuffed mascots were just not the allure I remember.....maybe because I am not 10 anymore.

Still...we had so much fun and will have to go again....maybe in a year or so.

MISC 110
This is pretty much the only thing the girls could do....this ride takes pictures and prints them seen below:
12.19.09 017
Jen and I tried to get our pic made too..but, apparently we were not the right size:
12.19.09 015
MISC 108
Matt carrying Eden around
MISC 111
Ben...super excited about the hunting game!
MISC 115
We won 201 tickets and these are our prizes....2 suckers, a spoon, a crazy straw, a slinky, alphabet puzzle stickers, and 2 friendship bracelets. You can see through the glass the fake vomit that the boys really wanted to spend 200 tickets on.
MISC 114
Awe...sweet friends. Let's go to Chuck E Cheese again!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

CCC Cube

Friday we decided to venture over to our church, Compass Christian Church, and play in the cube! It is basically like the coolest indoor tunnel / slide playground ever! We went with Jen and Eden and had the entire thing to ourselves! Kinley and Eden loved riding on the slide with their mommies and playing by themselves in the 'Tots only' area. We can't wait to go back and play again!
12.19.09 004
12.19.09 005
12.19.09 007
12.19.09 008
12.19.09 011
I love Eden's face in this excited about the slide!