Monday, December 5, 2011

A DIY acorn wreath and some firsts

This last week Kinley and I went over to my mom's house and picked up a bucket full of acorns. Kinley loves acorns. She brings them home from school all the time. I find them in her pockets and she "cooks" them in her kitchen, counts them, throws them, puts them in her teapot or a bowl, dumps them out and puts them back in again. I am not sure why the fascination with acorns but, she does love them. My parents house has a plethora of acorns because of all the huge oak trees in their yard. So, I knew there was some kind of project I could do with acorns. I decided on an acorn wreath for my front door.
Kinley and Honey loaded up a huge bucket full. The project was so simple.
find some acorns, spray paint them white, wrap a styrofoam wreath form in ribbon and hot glue the acorns on...and done.
I love the imperfections in the acorns show up more when they are painted white.

Also, today has been a day of a few firsts....
Ty mastered the bumbo
Ty also wore head to toe camo for the first time....a VERY proud day for Ben

And if THAT wasn't impressive enough....Kinley ASKED for a ponytail and a bow in her hair!!!!!! Definitely a first and SO much fun. She was excited to show it to Eden at lunch.
Also, they were too cute laughing and pretending to practice for their Christmas program on Thursday. Kinley has been motioning and singing these songs nonstop but, I can't really tell how it is all going to come together. They did it with the motions and very cute before this...which of course I did not get on video. Oh goodnees...with these two...I can't wait to see how the real thing turns out. Ha!
Happy Monday!


Natalie said...

I love the wreath and the camo!! Is that the camo outfit I got Ty? Maybe that's why it's so cute ;)! Can't wait to see yall in a couple of weeks!! XOXOXO

ms.composure said...

aw very very cute!!!

kristen said...

i love it!! i love the ponytail and the bumbo and the camo! i love it!

Allison said...

That video is so so cute! They are the sweetest friends! I love seeing them laugh with each other. I am so excited Kinley wanted a ponytail! Ella will love that!