Tuesday, October 20, 2009

fall cookies

Monday was a fun activity day for Kinley, Eden, Jen and I and we decided to make some Fall cookies! We went a little overboard and ended up with about 6 or 7 dozen! We made some sugar cut-out cookies with fun icing, oatmeal chocolate chip, and some oatmeal butterscotch...the oatmeal butterscotch are perfect for fall and always remind me of college when Kristen would make them and I would eat dozens at a time. Kristen's are WAY better than mine...but, I can always attempt. Eden had a blast with the cookie cutters and the flour. Kinley was a great little helper from the floor.
My fantastic apron Lauryn made me for my birthday this year! So cute and thoughtful!!
The finished decorated cookies! Pumpkins, leaves, and those are a turkeys, in case you can't tell. Ben said they looked like ghosts...sad day.
Kinley is ready to Trick or Treat in this fantastic shirt that matches Ella, Avery, Sawyer and Ben! Wish ya'll were here for Matching Monday!!

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kristen said...

i love the fall cookies! i wanna make them today!! and the shirt looks so cute on kinley! we gotta wear ours!! miss yall already! so good to see kinley this weekend.