Sunday, May 23, 2010

work weekend and screen printed curtains

This weekend was our first official weekend as a family at the Harrison's new lakehouse. It was so fun to drive out on Friday for a lake weekend. This was definitely more of a work trip than anything...but, that is so fun for me! We cleaned, unpacked, dish-washed, painted, power washed and were frequent Lowe's shoppers. We were totally exhausted but, so totally excited about all the fun memories we will have out there.

I spent a lot of time this last week working on curtains for our room at the lakehouse. It was really the first thing that I ever screenprinted with my new screen by myself. I was a little worried at first...but, I think they turned out pretty good. I used this tutorial from Lil Blue Boo. I printed out the pattern from this website and screen printed 6 panels on white muslin with turqoiuse paint.

5.23.10 003
I mixed Jaquard turquoise and royal blue paint to get a shade that I liked.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
I worked in the garage all day one day during Kinley's naps and they ended up looking great in the room! Here is the before:
And after:
5.23.10 030
My whole vision for the room was all white with a turquoise accent. We painted the existing bed white and the walls of the room grey. We still have some work to do with the bedside tables, lamps and accessories. But, it is a pretty good start! I love it! I think we will love going to bed and waking up in this room at the lakehouse. Kinley's room is adjoining to ours and we are in the process of working on that and I will post pics when we are done there.
Picnik collage

Also, this weekend we worked hard on Mendy and Alex's "blue" bathroom upstairs. This is one of the best "befores" I have ever seen! It has these fabulous porcelain blue sinks, bathtub and toilet, fantastic blue and white specked ceramic tile surrounding the tub, and faux blue marble formica countertops.
Picnik collage
We are definitely not doing any renovation or purchasing of new, we are seeing what the miracles of paint can do. So far, we painted all of the ceramic tile white with pool looks amazing. We have painted the bathroom a shale grey color that will be in their bedroom and primed the countertops white. We still need to get some new countertop paint and touch up the cabinets...but, already the transformation is amazing!
5.23.10 036
5.23.10 050
5.23.10 051
5.23.10 040
5.23.10 052

While we were painting and hanging curtains, the boys swept the deck and power washed like crazy....
5.23.10 026
Picnik collage
and Kinley did this...
5.23.10 042
5.23.10 041
Picnik collage

Even through all the hard work...we found some time to have fun!
5.23.10 023
5.23.10 048
5.23.10 028
We can't wait to go again and for more work and play!


kristen said...

freakin amazing!!! i LOVE the transformation!! its just amazing. what a fantastic weekend!! and that little girl is just too much. miss her. so cute!

Lindy said...

Wow! You are so talented! Miss you!

Kristi said...

WOW, Linds! What an amazing job. Can you come give me ideas for my office and bedroom? You have a great eye for decorating! LOVE IT. What a soothing space. Perfect.

Allison said...

I LOVE the room! Everything looks perfect and I love all the colors! How fun! I love a before and after room re-do!

Cheryl said...

So amazing to see you and Mendy transform these rooms. We are in you very capable hands.

Anonymous said...

Love the curtains ,might get brave and try it . Thanks for sharing ,Queenie