Monday, February 29, 2016

More February

Just a few more things we did in February:
 Pops is everyone's favorite reader at school. I am so glad he has taken the time to do this every week at Kinley's school. I got this pic from her teacher one day.
February 2016
 I had a donut date with these cute boys one morning. We love donuts in pjs and cheesy smiles.
Untitled Untitled Untitled

 Love my days with this boy one on one. I am going to miss them when he starts pre-school next fall. He is the best selfie taker I know.
He loves to smile at himself.
Took him to the pet store one day on his own. This has always been of my kids favorite things to do. Good pic of the Rooster hair in all its glory.
February 2016

Living in the digital age is something so different for kids.
Ty asks me to take his picture a lot. For example, "Mom, take a picture of me and my puzzle I finished"
 February 2016

"Mom, take my picture of the clothes I picked out."
 February 2016
Date night seeing "Motown" at the Bass Hall with my Love.
A few birthday parties...
Mila and Ella's at Skatetown, we LOVE to skate.
February 2016 February 2016  February 2016 February 2016
 Kinley's rollerblades really solidified her love for skating. She's got it down!
February 2016
These little brothers
 February 2016 February 2016

February 2016
We also had a school sock hop night at Skatetown where Kinley learned to skate with a poodle skirt.
 February 2016

Aslynn's birthday at Sunbelt Gymnastics where I have no pics of Kinley or Aslynn and only one lovebird pic of Ryder and Dylan.
They loved to bounce together in the dark.
February 2016

Francesca turned 30 and Ben and Alex were out of town but Mendy and I went as "the cousins" to help surprise her. It was so fun. All her friends here are so sweet and we loved to be included in the festivities!
 February 2016 February 2016 February 2016

February evenings felt like Springtime and the soccer fields and practices were a great place to be.
 Dylan thinks he is part of the Vipers just sitting right down for a team meeting.
February 2016 February 2016
 The sweetest pic of Aslynn and Kinley
February 2016
 While big brother and sister play, Dylan enjoys the new playground at the soccer fields
February 2016 February 2016 February 2016 

Sometimes we sit in the car and watch Ty practice while Kinley does her homework.
February 2016
 These smiles are the BEST
 February 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dylan's reaction

Dylan had a pretty weird reaction one day. 
We had no idea what it was a result of until we realized the location of the rash was just on his trunk and neck. 
 Nothing on his hands, feet, face, or under his diaper. 
We think it was a reaction to him wearing some new pjs before I washed them. (Mom fail!) 
 We kept looking back on Kinley's reaction to a penicillin antibiotic to compare. 
February 2016 February 2016 February 2016 
 It took just a little benadryl and a couple days and he was back to new.
 February 2016
 Moral of the story...wash clothes before your kids sleep in them.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mavs Game

Ben and I went to our first Mavericks game!  
It has been something that Ben's friends, Ryan and Ross, have been giving him a very hard time about for a while now. 
 They have tried to suprise him with Mavs tickets and kidnap him to Mavs games a few times and this time our friend Mike delivered an awesome box for a game that pretty much no one else wanted to see. It was awesome. Such a fun night with friends. We got to go see the Mavs and finally watch Dirk in person. 
First Mavericks game 
 First Mavericks game 
These boys...they bring out the Ben that will wear the full on Mavs sleeve
 First Mavericks game First Mavericks game 
Lindsey and I missed our Girls Night Out with our small group that night but we texted them a selfie because we missed them so. 
First Mavericks game 
First Mavericks game First Mavericks game First Mavericks game Love my man!
 First Mavericks game

Monday, February 15, 2016

Mendy & Cannon's Baby Shower

I had the great privilege of hosting a baby shower for Mendy and my soon-to-be nephew, Cannon!

I was SUPER emotional and excited for it the entire week and it did not help make me less emotional when I got to go with Mendy to her sonogram apt the day before the shower. It was so fun and so surreal to go with her. I have never been to a sono that wasn't my own and I was so surprised how moving it still was!
I mean, life is just incredible. and hearing a baby's heartbeat just can't be beat. It is just a miracle!
Dylan came with me and we just ooh'd and aaah'd over his new cousin.
February 2016 February 2016 February 2016
 I had the BEST group of co-hosts that brainstormed, helped, set up and hosted with me.
I could not be more thankful for them.
They were just as excited for Mendy and Alex as I was and did not even care how sappy I was about it.
There wasn't really a "theme" for the shower...if anything we just went for a neutral, natural, classic look.
Whites, greys and the outdoors.
The invite we chose had birch trees on it so, trees were definitely used a-plenty.
 Mendys baby shower
 I had Ben chop up some wood from our back yard to make some centerpieces for the table.
I tend to just try to use everything I already have around the house and from old parties and recycle it. Like everything on my fireplace mantle.
and like this blessing tree from backyard sticks and paper bunting
Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower 
The hostesses just brought things left and right that might go with the theme.
 Serving dishes, frames, decorative items, more fabric bunting, Ashley made some cute pinecone garland and Katie made the cute front door hanger.
Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower
 We all brought every moscow mule mug we could find to serve the frozen coffee in and it turned out just a cute as it was delicious.
  Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower 
The cake though!
Oh what pressure. Mendy is THE BEST cake person ever.
 She just out does herself every time I ask for something new.
 It's insane how talented she is.
 For one hot minute I thought I could MAKE her cake before mom helped me realize I was delusional and should get help from a professional.
Oh and I am SO glad I did.
We went for the new, trendy "naked cake" look from Legacy cakes and it turned out PERFECT.
 We added the hydrangeas at the house and it was so cute.
Looked kind of like the tree theme we were going for too.
It was gorgeous and delish. Whew!
 Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower
Other than cake and coffee, we served brunch food that everyone pitched in and brought and some mimosas.
 Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower
 I love that the baby pics they both picked were naked :)
Mendys baby shower
And we had popcorn being served by the cutest little popcorn crew ever.
Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower
I got the best seat in the house during the opening of presents. I just loved seeing everything she got up close.
 So much cute stuff for Cannon.
Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower 
Just a few of the many family and party pics of all the sweet people that wanted to celebrate Mendy. 
Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower Untitled Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower Untitled Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower
Hostess pic! They girls are the BEST.
Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower
 I lost it during the prayer and might every time I think of how special and loved Cannon is already. He is an answered prayer and such a faithful way the Lord has blessed our family already.
 He is beyond blessed with the best parents ever and I could not be more happy for Mendy and Alex. What a treasure he already is!
 I can't wait to meet him. Mendys baby shower Mendys baby shower