Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mendy's Bachelorette Party

I am still trying to recover from this weekend and wanted to blog as timely as possible..but, I am just exhausted from party planning. It has been the craziest / funnest (is that word) month of my life! Non-stop celebrating and crafting and party planning. I have loved it! And this weekend was really the last weekend of my responsibility. Saturday night was Mendy's bachelorette party and if you were at or saw my post for Amy's...it may seem a little like deja-vu to you...but, I tried to make a few things special and different for Mendy. Mendy's sweet sister L'Nae was a host as well and did as much as she could do...even though she moved from College Station to Abilene this week also!! So busy! I am not going to blog every picture or all of our adult bachelorette fun...but, overall it was classy and I think everyone had a blast!

Of course I had to make T-shirts and all Mendy had to do was throw out the idea that she kind of liked the Tiffany blue color and that was it! Theme for the entire night. These t-shirts were definitely the most difficult I have ever made...I special-ordered the dye color from Dharma Trading Co. and all the necessary ingredients for the science-experiment that was dyeing these t-shirts! It was nuts, 20 gallons of water, 20 CUPS of non-iodine salt, soda ash fixer, special oil, constant stirring, etc, etc. Man, do I LOVE the good ole RIT dye after this! Then, getting the Tiffany font to burn on the screen via photo emulsion proved a little difficult because where the letters are super skinny, it does not burn through very well. So, I had to go over every shirt if there was a spot missing with a tiny paintbrush to finish the letters....I blame my OCD for this craziness! But, in the end everyone loved them and I think they turned out pretty cute. My vision was to only put "Mendy & Co." (i.e. Tiffany & Co.) on the front and tie them in a white satin bow like a Tiffany's box. Lauryn helped me tie them and that was my favorite part! So cute!
T-shirt dyeingIMG_2484
Instead of bra cupcakes, I got a lingerie cake made at Texas Star Bakery (Tiffany blue bra and panties of course). I made some water-bottle labels that matched the theme color and evite and postitioned them in the shape of an 'M.' We also had pink panty droppers and I had special cups made for the party, party-goers, and extras to take to their Mexico wedding. The bummer thing was that the company mis-spelled Mendy's name as "Mandy." It was kinda funny and we played it up...but, so disappointing for my party! (Never fear, I did get a full refund and new cups are being re-printed and sent so we can still take them to Mexico.) L'Nae helped pick out all of Mendy's bridal bachelorette attire..and we stayed true to the idea that she should look as cheesy as possible.
water bottles
We ate at La Familia and, as always, it was a blast and we had a big table of 14 people to celebrate Mendy! Flaming margaritas are alwasy a hit and the night was made when some random dude came over to "dance" for Mendy. It was so funny because his family was there and his mom came over, gave us her email address and told us to email her some pics of his funny stunt if we had any.
La Familia
We went back to the Worthington for the lingerie shower...not too many pics here so as not to spoil the suprise for Alex...but, it was a blast!
We ended the night at 8.0's dancing away...and inevitably, random strangers want to talk to the bride, dance with her, etc. It was a great night and I hope Mendy felt so celebrated!
More to come about Mendy's bridal shower too!


Jan said...

I'm SURE Mendy loved all of it!!! Amy and her friends sure did! Lindsay, you are incredible to put so much thought and time into your "party planning". You certainly have a gift. You could make a living being a party planner for sure!!!

kristen said...

just amazing!! amazing!! you are amazing!! i love it all!!

Honey said...

Another outstanding party! You really do blow me away with your creativity. Whose daughter are you anyway? Take a few weeks to rest up then I need your genius to help plan Scott & Katie's couples shower!

Allison said...

I LOVE the shirts! The color is fantastic! You are such a pro linds! It looks like such a fun night!

Katy Wells said...

What font did you use for the "Mendy & Co"?