Monday, January 11, 2010

My first sewing project!

For Christmas this year I asked for a sewing machine. I guess I am trying to harness my inner creative, domestic self. I hope it works. I have been so busy taking down Christmas decor after coming in from vacation that I had not even opened the box until 2 days ago! I read through the entire manual and taught myself how to thread the machine, wind the bobbin, basic sewing, etc. Allison got the same sewing machine for Christmas and has done so much on it already that I was inspired to start my first project! So, I bought a book at Barnes and Noble and just went for it! I was able to stsrt this last night when Kinley went to bed and finished during her morning nap today!
1.11.10 001
The tools!
1.11.10 002
This Cozy Cube is what I am trying to create! I just love it!
1.11.10 003
There was a lot of ironing and quite a bit of hand-stitching in this project actually! A long-running blasting stitch, whip stitch and blind stitching were all foreign to me until today!
1.11.10 004
1.11.10 005
All done! I am not sure exactly what I will use it for yet....maybe for some of my crafting stuff! Maybe I will make a set of them, one bigger, and one with opposite fabric...who knows!


Allison said...

Your a pro already!!! I love the cozy cube! It looks so good, I want to copy it. I love our new hobby! Way to go Honey and Jo Jo!

Honey said...

I'm so impressed! You didn't even need a lesson. The cozy cube is adorable. I need a larger one for Kinley's toys at my house! :)

kristen said...

that is amazing!!! you are so good!! i dont know any of those stitches!! you have always been such a good learner and teaching yourself. love it. so glad we all have sewing machines!!!