Monday, September 27, 2010

parties for Eden and Jack (& screen printed onesies)

This weekend was CRAZY....but, totally crazy FUN! We had Allison's birthday Friday night at Tillmans Roadhouse. More to come on that on Lullaby Lubbock soon! Then Eden's 2nd birthday party Saturday morning, Alex & Mendy's in town reception (more to come on that later here), and Baby Jackston's (Eden's soon to be brother) baby shower on Sunday....4 parties in 3 days. I haven't had a weekend like that in a while!

Eden's party had to be moved from outside to inside because of the rain but, a bounce house inside and a pinata was so much fun! Kinley just LOVES Eden....they really LOVE each other. It is so cute. They always want to be right next to each other and copy everything the other does. Eden is the sweetest, most well-behaved, thoughtful, and fun 2 year old. I got her a ton of stuff from Target that Kinley loves like play dough, books, colors and coloring books....ya know....but, I also made her 2 new elastic waist skirts for the fall (with leggings) or the spring. They are bright-colored and lined in pink jersey knit.
making sure Eden is still drinking her juice too

Then for Jack's shower, I made him some screen printed onesies. It was so easy to do and turned out so cute!


Allison said...

I love the lining in the skirts! So cute! And the onesies, so great!

Honey said...

I love the foot on the table picture. How fun to have a best friend!