Sunday, June 29, 2014

Glow Stick Bowling

So, Ben won dad of the year around our house last week.
 He texted me mid-week with the idea of DIY glow-stick bowling and said "I want to do this with the kids this weekend."
How fun is that?
 I jumped on board so fast. I texted him this pic after I had stocked up on water bottles and glow sticks at Dollar Tree. We were set to go!
Untitled Untitled
On Friday, we waited till it got dark and Ben set up our bowling alley and got our pins ready and it was a glow in the dark party.
Thanks Ben for being such a fun and interactive dad!
 You love and lead us well.

June - Photo Dump

Here is a little more of what we have been doing in June that hasn't made the blog yet...
Kinley finally got a booster seat that she has been waiting for and asking for constantly since she turned 5.
Kinley has attended 2 weeks of VBS. One at Crown of Life in Colleyville and one at my parent's church, FUMC Grapevine. She has LOVED both of them so much. She was excited every morning to go and came home singing songs and telling stories. It was a fun way for her to spend the first part of summer and a good preview of what going to Kindergarten every day will be like.
 She had lots of fun friends with her both weeks.
Ty and I got some special one-on-one time those weeks which is fleeting as the summer goes on and September rolls around. We went to parks and playgrounds and even had a great breakfast date on Main Street Grapevine at Main Street Bistro & Bakery after dropping Kinley off at VBS in Grapevine one morning.
 I think I had the cutest date there.
We celebrated Mendy's birthday with a kid-free night out at the wine bar at the Gaylord.
And then a family grill out at Mendy & Alex's house. Kinley and Ty love, love, loved playing with Lucy. These three are the luckiest kids to have Aunt Minnie around. She is always so, so much fun!!!
We had a fun dinner at Red Barn BBQ with the Lindsey's one night. My kids ask to go here by name...although they call it "the pig place" because they like to sit on the metal pig for a picture. Even though we were the most disruptive patrons inside the restaurant, the pig outside was worth it.
One Wednesday we met up with some playgroup friends at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens & Heritage Park and played and ate lunch. It ended up being such a blast because Leslie randomly had those scavenger hunt/Bingo game pads from the Chick-fil-A kids meals in her car.
 Each kid got their own piece of paper and pen and we went looking for all we could cross off our sheet.
 It was a huge hit.
 They were so cute walking around looking for each item and yelling at the top of their lungs when they found it and shouting to make sure every kid could see it too in case it was on their sheet.
Why not drink from a random fountain in the park near the compost pile??
And after the scavenger hunt they cooled off by splashing around in the park fountain. It was a fact that every single kid was soaked to the bone after this and had to ride home nakey.
They were obviously impacted by the scavenger hunt because one evening while Ben was mowing they wanted to play "scavenger hunt" in our backyard and I did my best impression of the chick-fil-a kids meal toy. 
Then we raced each other in the yard and made some silly faces.
Kinley was working on her "exercise" with her work out band tied around her waist. Or its a new fashion statement...your choice.
The Barstads came over for some dinner, grill-out, hang out time. It is always so much fun. We grilled burgers and jumped in the bounce house and dressed up in every costume we have in the house.
 Who needs Disney when you have this character dining!?
I can't get enough of Baby Shea.
Thanks for taking our adult pic Avery!
Eric & Leslie went on an anniversary trip and we got to keep AG and SR during the day one day of their trip. We had a grand ole time. We had donuts for breakfast and busted out some glitter tattoos early and played some Disney scene it.
 SR can spot that game a mile away.
We enjoyed some "shows" on the back patio from these theatrical girls.
 This might be my favorite Kinley costume yet.
 The Jessie boots...
the leotard....
the Jasmine necklace.....
and the head scarf that she thinks looks like long Rapunzel hair.
The animal parade came to town too.
We eventually decided to leave the house and drove through the car wash, chick-fil-a and finally made it to the splash pad and Parr Park. Ben and I sort of felt what it would be like to have 2 sets of twins.
 It was lots of energy and lots of fun.
Oh what fun June has been for us!