Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Furniture Re-Do and Faux Metal Letters for Ty's Room

I have been SLOWLY, but surely beginning work on my kids rooms (so fun to say kids!). Right after our Cancun trip (literally the day after we got home) Kinley transitioned to a big girl bed. I am so thankful and feel so blessed that it has been super easy for her. From Day 1 she was really excited about her Big Girl Bed and runs in her room to show everyone who comes over her new bed. She naps in it and sleeps all night in it way better than she was in her crib...so, I am very grateful. I will post some pics of her new room soon once I get a few other things done (like wall decor...curtains...maybe another piece of furniture...who knows)

So, we moved the crib into Ty's room and I went about emptying out what was our guest room / storage / craft room and closet. It was a huge task to re-organize things and move closets around and put things in bins for the attic. I feel like I worked forever and have nothing really to show for it. But, at least I have a blank slate of a room now. The walls in his room are a chocolate brown. I love the color and I loved it as a guest room. I think it might be a hard sell as a nursery..but, I am working through that. My vision right now is lots of white to brighten up that room with a few pops of fun pattern and color. I also want to make it very boy-ish. Ben is definitely for that and would not be supportive of any room for Ty that could be used as a girl nursery.

I have been browsing blogs, google image, etsy, and pinterest to get some inspiration! I was wanting to get a big metal 'T' letter for his room but, could not find one that I liked very much or that was big enough to be worth the expense. I happened to stumble upon this tutorial for Faux Aged Metal Letters and thought I would give it a whirl. It was super easy to do and Kinley got to help me paint the letters so that was double fun! I love how the finish turned out...it is hard to believe that they were pretty much cardboard/paper mache letters before.
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Ben thinks the finished product looks a little too much like an A&M sign..so, I might just use the T or go get a Y and do his name...or just play around with the positioning so it doesn't look so much like A&M...but, really that would be awesome too...Am I right!?!?!

Next, I tackled this old dresser that was in Kinley's room. It actually was mine once upon a time ago and I am pretty sure both my brothers used it too. I remember there being a picture of me somewhere where I had taken everything out of the bottom drawer and climbed in and stood inside of it so proud of myself. It was originally a blond wooden dresser...we painted it grey with white knobs for Kinley's room. It is the perfect height for a changing table and I love using it as a piece of furniture and a changing table.
This is the best "Before" pic I got...I had already begun taking the knobs off...
For Ty's room, I knew I wanted to paint it white...but, I also decided to distress it some with sand paper and add some rustic knobs to make it look a little more "boyish."
I love how it turned out and how it looks against the chocolate brown walls.
There are many more days of getting Kinley and Ty's rooms ready in the next couple months. Thankfully, that is usually indoor activity. It is hot out there for a preggo! Stay Tuned.


kristen said...

i LOVE THAT!!! linds! i love the letters and the dresser! he is going to love his room! i love the pics of that gorgeous girl!

Anonymous said...

Linds! I love it - I personally love chocolate brown and totally think it will work for the nursery. I can't wait to see the finished rooms. And you! And meet Ty!!

Nina :)

Brandi said...

WOW, fantastic job!!!! Looks great! I have a boy named Ty..woohoo!!

Leslie said...

Love the letters!! Can't wait to come down and see. :)

Allison said...

Everything looks so great!!! I love it and I love your cute little helper:) I can't wait to see his room and Kinley's big girl room!!!

Olivia Howe said...

Lindsay it looks amazing! I can't wait to see Ty's room we are just DYING to meet him!!!

MrsKT said...

You are such an inspiration for DIY decorators! I LOVE seeing the "before" and "after"-- helps inspire me =)