Sunday, July 4, 2010


Happy Fourth of July to you all! This weekend is what we are deeming our "inaugural" weekend at the lake house. The Harrison's have been toying with the idea of a lake house logo and really wanted to make some t-shirts. So, I helped implement their design and made t-shirts for the weekend of the 4th! They are not red, white and blue and really have nothing to do with the 4th of July. But, Ben created the design and picked all the colors and the Harrison's signed off and it is a really cool party gift for the weekend!

They picked "H3O" as their lake house logo...a play of water (H2O) and the three Harrison families (i.e. Gary Harrison, Ben Harrison and Alex Harrison). They wanted a sunset and a, here is what their design inspired!
Ben loves them and I am glad we can wear them year-around and not just at the 4th of July. I will post some more pics of the weekend next week.
Picnik collage
The girls have V-necks and the boys have pocket t's
Kinley's version

Hope everyone has a fabulous day and celebrates our Nation's Independence with fun, family, food and lots of fireworks! Thank you to all who fought are fighting and serve our Nation everyday!


kristen said...

are you joking me??!!? linds! you are amazing!! i love these shirts!! you should be a professional!!! we missed you SO much this weekend i cant even tell you!!love you and love the shirts and the design! and the idea. love it all!

Olivia Howe said...

Love these!! Can extended family get them?

Nat said...

These turned out GREAT! Hope you all had fun at the lake... sad you cannot make it to Abilene this weekend... You will be missed but Im sending you a shirt anyway :D !

Cheryl said...

The T shirts are amazing, thanks again for working so hard on them! What a wonderful first 4th of July, it was so special.