Friday, August 14, 2009

Call me Martha

So, yesterday was a total Martha Stewart day for me filled with cooking, crafts, cleaning and building things. I am not the most domestic of wives but, the past 2 days in a row I have cooked dinner and that is a big, I decided to document yesterday.
My sweet brother and sister-in-law gave me this cool memory box for some of Kinley's special things and it has a foot imprint maker. So, we did crafts yesterday and molded Kinley's footprint for the box
So cute!
Then we put together her high chair for those soon to be baby food days :-)
Then we cooked Chicken Pot Pie for dinner which was eaten by me, Ben, Lauryn and Landon and I am told it was fantastic!

Like I said, just call me Martha!

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kristen said...

i wish we were there to eat it too!!! miss you guys!!! i want to make chicken pot pie...was it hard??