Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kinley's birthday invite and inspiration board

Kinley is about to be 3...THREE!?!?....years old. I can't believe it. This last year has flown by without any warning. To put it mildly, Kinley is very aware of what she wants these days and made it known months ago that she wanted a Puppy party for her birthday.
Puppy party?
Well, there is no way I am actually getting you a puppy.
That's just crazy talk.
Poor Haley gets very little love these days and the idea of a new puppy makes me have the shakes.
But, there is NO de-railing this kid when she is on a mission. So, puppy party it is!
I did not have any idea what to do with this theme when she first brought it up. I had never seen or heard of a puppy theme before. I started googling it a while back and all I could really find were birthday parties that people were throwing for their puppies. I know. I have yet to throw or attend a birthday party for a dog. But, who knows!? It might be fun!

Well, since then, I have come to know that Kinley is either a trend-setter or has the gift of prophecy...because in the past month, I have seen puppy party overload...everywhere!

Martha Stewart got in on the action...
Tons of Pinterest Ideas...
Puppy Pinterest
And there is even a whole puppy section at Party City now...
This is my puppy party inspiration board for Kinley. I am thinking a black, white, and red color scheme. Our dog, Haley, is black and white and I love the red fire hydrant. I am really getting excited about all the puppy-themed food, activities, and sayings. I hope Kinley gets excited about it!
Kinley's Puppy Party Inspiration
I decided to create and print all the invites this year and used my silhouette to cut out a bone-shape invite and a red fire hydrant. They are super simple and used up $0 of my birthday budget because I had everything at home! Yay!
Much more puppy-party-planning over the next couple weeks for us!


Lisa R. said...

Love the puppy chow idea. You should serve it in a big dog bowl! Those dog ears on headbands were super cute too! What a fun theme!

Jan said...

Can't wait to "chow" down on the adorable goodies! I love you!

Allison said...

I LOVE the puppy party Kinley! The invites are perfect Linds! We can't wait to come!!!

Camila said...

Oooh I may be hitting you up for party left overs. Winlon has declared a fire truck bday so we're all fire hydrants and dalmations for his party.
Also, I second that emotion. Three? Really?!?!

kristen said...

love the invitation and love everything about this party! we can't wait!

Misty said...

Very cute! Google girls best friend party.there is the cutest little dog party for a toddler girl. I saw it last year and saved the pics to myncomputer bc its just darling. Your invites are great. Love your blog