Wednesday, November 30, 2016

More Fall

More from the Fall - Warning, this is long.
Lots that I got behind on in the fall.

One of our favorite chickens went missing for a few hours and Kinley made signs to put up ALL around the neighborhood.
As soon as we got them all hung up, we found her in the backyard.
She had hidden in some bushes to lay an egg.
Chickens to crazy things whey they first start laying eggs.
They have no idea what's happening to them.
But, these signs were super cute.
September 2016 September 2016 September 2016

All about Me posters and First Spirit day for these matching preschool brothers.
September 2016 September 2016 September 2016
precious pic of Dylan sleeping his teacher texted me
September 2016

Morning drop off on preschool picture day

Kinley's Walk to School day each month is one of our favorites.
We always drive to Ali's house and walk with their crew.
IMG_0404 December Untitled Untitled Untitled

Ali pulled together the best See You At The Pole for our school.
She even printed out these amazing resources for the kids to have where they could read a bible verse and a prayer that pertains to that verse.
IMG_0721 IMG_0723
Donuts at the end for everyone!

I do not use Twitter at all but I do have one because the teachers and principals at Kinley's school use it all the time to tweet pictures of the kids and I love seeing them!
IMG_0869 IMG_0873
Sweet VP post about Walk to School day

It is the best day when it is International Dot Day and you show up matching your BFFs without it being planned!
Just love that the principal sent out this tweet and that they are holding hands.
Please NEVER grow up little ones. So sweet.
IMG_0872 Untitled
Kinley and Erika
Untitled Untitled

A tweet from Veterans Day when Ali's brother, Kyle, came to speak in the girls class.
Kyle let kids try on his uniform and Ali sent me this pic of Kinley

The PTA Rock out Night was moved inside due to weather and it ended up being so fun!
September 2016 September 2016
Cute girls outside in front of the tiger.
September 2016
Lunch dates with my favorite 2nd grader
September 2016

Compass had its Full Moon Concert Series again and we spent an evening on the lawn watching Abba with some of our faves.
September 2016 Untitled September 2016

We celebrated National Night Out with the City of Colleyville with some of our favorite Colleyville residents in early October.
They really put on an awesome event with local vendors and a baseball game between the firemen and police officers and even have some retired Texas Rangers join the game.
There are scavenger hunts, bounce houses, playgrounds and even food!
Ty in a SWAT vest
Riding a police motorcycle
IMG_0824 IMG_0826
Finding the Police Chief to get a sticker for their scavenger hunt
Ryan got to show us how to use a fire extinguisher
IMG_0844 IMG_0857 IMG_0859

Mom, Dylan, Mendy, Cannon and I went to visit Kristen & Allison at their booth at Christmas in Cowtown, visited, shopped a little and had lunch while Kinley & Ty were in school.
After lunch on the way home, we stopped by to visit Momma Gay and took a pic by the flag pole afterward like usual.

Anson had his birthday party at the Perot Museum and it was SO fun!
IMG_1176 IMG_1179

Ella Nordell got baptized and it was really the first one of my kids friends that they went to watch get baptized and really knew what was going on.
The Nordells were amazing and let all our playgroup go backstage and up on stage with Ella to support her.
It was so fun!
Ella's baptism Ella's baptism
Dylan found the church magazine with the Bartels on the front and was so excited to see them on the cover.
Ella's baptism
Kinley with her sweet teacher Ms. Archer at her Fall Festival.
Ty throwing a football for a prize

Ryland's birthday celebration at his house led to a boys vs girls soccer game and the girls killed them.
Untitled IMG_1408
But, these sideline fans are the cutest!
Dylans "silly face"

Pumpkin waffles with Ms. Kim that I had to miss but thankfully a mom friend of mine sent me these pics of Dylan. He sings "I like to whisk it whisk it" all the time.
Untitled Untitled
A lot happened in the Fall and I did a terrible job of keeping up. 
One day I will stay on top of it more......maybe.