Friday, September 10, 2010

my new-old chairs

Despite the lack of creative posts lately...I have been having some fun craft days. Last week Mendy and had a sewing day! She has been wanting to make some curtains for their new apartment and to use her new sewing machine she got for her birthday this summer. Her living room curtains are done and don't they look fabulous!
I went with Mendy to Hobby Lobby and got inspired to recover my kitchen chairs! I have a very old set of kitchen furniture that includes a table, 6 chairs and a china hutch. It was my grandfather, Pepa's, mother's furniture. My mom had it all my life growing up and when Ben and I bought our first house, it was passed on to me. The chairs have been re-covered countless is just a simple staple gun project. I think there were like 4 different fabrics that I could see on these chairs.
All the furnitures is still in pretty good condition...but, I have been contemplating for like four years what do with it all. I have always kind of wanted to paint the chairs and the hutch..but, wasn't sure exactly what color, etc. I just wanted to be inspired! I feel like fabric at Hobby Lobby is definitely hit or miss and I am not always crazy about it. But, something about this one really stuck out to me. I love the contrast between the contemporary, geometric print and the antique chairs. We also picked up some clearance fabric in an orange print and made pillows for the window bench in my kitchen also.
I think together they turned out really cute and I don't think I want to paint the chairs now...just maybe the hutch.
Still brainstorming on that one.


kristen said...

love the chairs!! and the curtains. you girls are too fun!

Lisa R. said...

I never even guessed that, that hutch was that old! I think it is beautiful the way it is.