Friday, May 29, 2015

Indoor Field Day!

Kinley had her first Field Day! 
(sort of) 
 The rain has been insane around here and after years of droughts, we have now had too much rain (I know, I know, we are the grumbling Israelites) and for the first time ever, Kinley's school had to make-shift a field day Indoors. 
 I can't lie, I was super disappointed when I found out it was visions of sack races, relays and tug-of-war were out the door. 
 Field "Day" was also a little deceiving because in reality, all of the Kinder activities were from 8:00-9:45am. 
 It made it super easy for our whole family to go and not miss one event though!
 And I totally got over it when I realized that Kinley has no previous field day expectations and so she has no idea what she's missing. 
 So, indoor field day was like the best thing ever for her! 
 All the events were team events with their class and they competed only against the other two Kinder classes so, the lucky kids won a ribbon in every event. 

 Here is their class ready for their first event - the "Chopsticks Run". 
Untitled Untitled 
And I can't talk enough or say enough sweet things about Erika and Claire. 
 She was between them in every event and all day long. 
 We HAVE to have some summer playdates with them. 
Untitled Untitled 
 How sweet!!???!! 
Here is a short video of Kinley, Erika and Claire in a few events that will be super boring to anyone who is not Kinley.
 Look at all those ribbons! Untitled 
 Class pic 
This boy can't wait to be a Tiger in a few years. 
Untitled Untitled 
Field Day was a family affair 
Maybe next year we will get to have an outdoor field day!

Graduations and Goodbyes

We couldn't wait to support all our sweet friends that were graduating from Compass 4's classes this year. 
 The majority of our old playgroup is going to Kinder! 
 We swung by to watch them all walk the stage after soccer practice one night and they were all so cute in their blue cap and gowns. 
 Brought back so many memories of Kinley doing this last year
Untitled Untitled
I love sweet Guiliana and Ty spying each other in this pic 
Untitled Untitled

We also had a graduation / surprise going away swim party for The Andersons a couple days later at the Nordells. 
 We are so sad to see Trent, Lydia, Caleb and Katelyn go. 
 They are moving to Virginia to be closer to her family. 

 Here are a few kids waiting to yell surprise 
I think we scared Caleb at the door. 
The kids swam their hearts out. 
Besides swimming the kids had other activities to do like signing wooden letters for all the graduates 
and making a handprint canvas for Caleb and Katelyn so they can remember their friends when they move.
Everyone worked up an appetite.

Dylan was a trooper on a long day 
He even took a nap in my lap which I loved every minute of. 

And these sweet friends know that even when you want to take a group mommy pic, you don't wake a sleeping baby, you just gather around. 

Spring Activties

This spring Kinley played soccer and Ty continued in his gymnastics class. 

Soccer was our first actual team sport experience and I really did just love that part of it! 
Kinley's team was the Storm. 
The girls on Kinley's team were so sweet. Kinley only knew one girl from her class, Addison, when the season started but they all just banded together and became sweet friends. 
Another GREAT thing was that most of the team had never played before. Addison was by far the best one on the team and top goal scorer for the year. 
There was not a lot of winning that happened this season and Kinley scored zero goals, but she had fun! 
Ben and I like to say that Kinley was the moon this year, orbiting around the ball and the group of girls aggressive enough to go for the ball. 
There's always next season for goal scoring. 
The hardest part about this season was the absolute lack of consistency because of the crazy amount of rain. The soccer association said this year set the record of missed and cancelled games. We would sometimes go weeks between practices and games. 

We praised Kinley at the end of the season for attending all the games and practices she possibly could and for hustling and trying hard and being a good teammate and always cheering on her friends. She would really jump up and down like she scored a goal when anyone on her team scored. 

Here are a few pics from like the only game that we had sun. I kept telling myself I would take my big camera out to a game but, just never really had the chance. 
Next season! 
 Corner kick by Number 4 
Untitled Untitled 
The fan club... 
Untitled Her favorite part of the game...snacks at the end! 

And here are a few pics from our end of the season team party at CiCis.
 Sweet coach Brandon gave all the girls their trophies with a certificate that told their strengths and a cute soccer bracelet.
Untitled Untitled
"tremendous skills improvement" might be code for - "most improved" or "needs improvement"...
either way, we love it :)
Storm! - Presley, Addison, Mary, Emelia, Audrey, Kinley & Ingrid (and Kacey - not pictured)

 Ty had his gymnastics show off last week also and he had the best time showing off his skills to me and Honey.
He did a good job of playing to the crowd and came over to high five us between his turns in the trampoline.
Can't start without getting a good stretch in...
Monkey Bars with Sean Ryan
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Untitled Untitled
This is what Ty calls the "Hoop-a-loop"
Getting his medal on the medal stand!
Untitled Untitled
Group pic
Showing off with his buddies Druz, Hudson & Walker
Untitled Untitled
Ty, Sean Ryan, Druz and Hudson have all moved to a baseball skills class for the summer so we are switching it up a bit.  Can't wait to see how they do!