Friday, July 20, 2012

Ty - Crawling Video

Loving this sweet crawler.
And, I just love this song too.
To just remember that Jesus is always there by my side.
I hope Ty knows it too someday and is more sure of it than anything else.
Song Credit: "By Your Side" Tenth Avenue North

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ty - 10 months

Sweet Ty-Ty! 
 You are 10 months old!
This month as each has just flown by. Summer is such a fun and busy time and I am enjoying it so much with you and your sister. 
 A few things about you this month: 
 You are officially a crawler! (stay tuned for a cute video) Right at 9 1/2 months you must have just decided it was time, and off you went! You army crawled for about a day and then you figured out your own kind of seated, one leg dragging crawl. I remember your sister doing the exact same type of crawl. It is so cute. You alternate now between a regular crawl and your one-leg-drag crawl. It is faster for you to get to a seated position from your crawl and so, depending on how far you have to go to get what you want that determines what type of crawl you do. 
 And, MAN am I running around like a crazy person now. 
 Mom and I really think God was protecting us for a while from being crazy chasing you and Kinley around. We have to be SO, SO careful with where you are and what is on the floor. You can get anywhere and pull up on anything now. 
 We went to the park the other day and you loved climbing through the tunnels and pulling up on the inside. IMG_2144 IMG_2143 IMG_2151 IMG_2149 
You are telling me! IMG_2153 And speaking of talking. 
 You LOVE to chat, chat, chat. 
 I didn't think there would be anyone that would talk more than Kinley but, you are giving her a run for her money. You mimic sounds and words already. It is crazy. 
 You didn't want to crawl until you could take off and do it perfectly and Kinley did not mimic or talk until she could speak complete sentences. 
 You can already say ball, mama, dada, ty ty, and your favorite is "Woah!" You say it all the time. You love to point at something and say "Woah" like you are in that picture above. 

 I mean, this is probably overkill..but, you are literally never still. 
 I was trying so hard to get some monthly pics of you sitting in your usual couch position...but, every time I sat you for a second before I could grab my camera you were already turned around and standing up. 
 So, every picture looks like this.
  IMG_0878 IMG_0876 IMG_0875 
We had to wait for Dad to get home to help me distract you and snap some of you as quick as we could to get a decent one.  
You are SUCH a boy and are always a mess.  I pretty much need to wipe you head to toe or bathe you after every meal. You are eating about half baby food and half table food so every meal is a mess. You still eat any and everything I put in front of you.  There has yet to be a meal in your life that you have quit eating on your own.  We have to stop you every time.  But, I just love all sitting down for a meal as a family and eating together. You are also SUCH a boy and always have some kind of injury.  Even in these pictures, you have a scratch on your forehead and a bruise on the side of your head from just being crazy. IMG_0881 IMG_0882 
You are still as sugary sweet as can be. 
 Your smile is infectious and you lock eyes with everyone you meet and they just love it. 
 I get comments all the time on you and Kinley's big blue eyes.
Now that you can follow her everywhere, you LOVE to just join Kinley in playing with whatever she is. We just have to make sure there is nothing too small that you might swallow. But, I love walking in the room and seeing you guys play together and I know Dad loves when he comes home from work and Kinley runs and you crawl to him to get in his arms.IMG_2139 IMG_0871 IMG_0872 You are a constant challenge and a constant source of joy for us Ty. 
 We pray that you continue to take on life at your own pace and in your own time. 
 We promise we will try to keep up when we can and be patient when we should. 
 God has given us such a blessing in you and Kinley and we will never take your health and growth and development for granted. We will continue to pray for you guys to love deeply and grow more and more like Christ each day. You are a treasure and a delight and I love continuing to watch you grow. 
 Here are a few more cute 10 month pics. IMG_0884 IMG_0888 IMG_0889 IMG_0890 IMG_0891
I love you, Angel.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Good Girl Zoo Trip

Yesterday Kinley filled up her good girl jar to the top! 
Her reward was that we got to got to the zoo!  The Fogles came with us and it was such a fun day! 
Kinley was in heaven hanging with Eden all day. 
We are closing in on the day that they have to move away.  It is coming very soon and I am just dreading it.  It is just so sweet to see these girls as friends.  They are so innocent and totally get each other.  Kinley can be over the top and jump up and down excited about something so small and Eden just jumps right on in with it and acts like is the best thing she has ever heard.

They wanted to hold hands all day to every exhibit they saw. 
kinley & eden holding hands kinley & eden holding hands2
All the sudden Jen and I heard them yelling back and forth and we determined that they had created the zoo version of marco polo and Kinley would yell "Hakuna!" and Eden would yell "Matata!" all the way through the African Safari animals. 
They had smiles from ear to ear and it just melted my heart.
Kinley & eden looking at zoo Kinley & eden on train
These boys also steal my heart.  They were so great and were happy the whole hot, humid day. 
I accidentally called them "tramps"  which in my head was a cross between "troopers" and "champs." 
I kinda love it and might use it from now on....feel free to do the same.
Ty on train
And whose boy is this with blond hair and blue eyes...not a Fogle right?!?
Jack on Train
(yes, that is Jen's leg with a large bruise she got from rolling over an is actually TONS better than it're welcome Jen :0)

We may not see a pic like this again for a while.
So, I am so thankful that Kinley was such a good girl that we got to go to the zoo together one last time.
all kids at zoo

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Visit to the Farm

Last week Ben took a couple days off after the 4th and we were so excited to go to the farm to visit Inie & Bull!  It was Ty's first time to East Texas and it was long overdue.  Inie & Bull have been around here to see him and hold him a couple times but, we had not been up there yet.  So, we finally had a couple open days to go!  It was such a sweet and relaxing time.

Pretty much as soon as we got there we headed off to the farm.  Kinley could not wait to see the cows! 
I love the ranch because you I see cool things that I never see anywhere else.  Like this old grain bin and windmill...
IMG_0814 IMG_0816
or some broken down tractors and trucks that may sit there for decades....
IMG_0824 IMG_0823
and you can't beat this view of the river and the barn.

We drove around for a while and saw lots of the land and lots of baby calfs.
IMG_2079 IMG_2071 IMG_2067 IMG_2064
IMG_0789 IMG_0785 IMG_0812

It is fun to watch Bull's cow dog, Trey, work the cows and jump in and out of the back of Bull's truck.
IMG_0801 IMG_2082 IMG_2072

Ben wanted to take a ride in the new Polaris my dad just surprised Bull with last week.  It was a pretty cool ride.   He can get pretty much anywhere on the ranch with it and said he had been to see places he hadn't seen in years.
IMG_0802 IMG_2074 IMG_0810

And then, Bull hopped on his feeding tractor and called in the cows to eat.
IMG_0796 IMG_0791 IMG_0790

And they came.....

Back at the house, we just spent lots of great time together and ate lots of amazing food.  Inie is truly the best cook I know and she can whip something out of nothing with such ease and you want to lick your plate clean.
IMG_0829 IMG_0828

Inie has a new puppy. Yes, my 87 year old grandmother just bought herself a new puppy. She named him Tebow.  She thought he might live up to his name and be the perfect dog....but, he is a little fiesty.  
We took him for a walk to the pond with us but he had to stay on a leash to make sure he wouldn't jump all over Kinley.
IMG_0835 IMG_0837
Kinley thought Tebow's kennel was a fun place to play and Inie got a kick out of it.
This sweet angel slept with me and slept like a champ for 12 hours totally perpendicular...but, how can you not just want to eat him up!

When we woke up in the morning, my cousins Jeffrey, Jeremy, and David had all stealthily arrived throughout the night and were ready to have breakfast with us before a long day of work.  What a fun surprise!!  They had plans to cut down a tree at Inies and load up another tree on this massive trailer.

The pine tree at Inie's was down and chopped up before I could finish cleaning up breakfast.  Jeremy is a total pro and it was quite impressive.  For some reason, I don't have any pics of Jeffrey.
IMG_0847 IMG_0848 IMG_0849 IMG_0850
All in all, we were only there for about 24 hours but it was so fun and such a great time.  We can't wait to go back!