Saturday, March 27, 2010

birthday party planning...

This week has been pretty busy. We have had lots of play dates with friends, helped Ben study for a few tests he had, and started gathering stuff to begin decorating for Kinley's 1st birthday party! I can't believe it is so soon!

The theme for Kinley's party is the ABC's...or 'K is for Kinley' if you will. I have been gathering all kinds of Alphabet stuff lately. Here is just a little preview of what we have planned.

Kinley's invites were designed by my friend Kendahl. She is fantastic at graphic design. I love the number 1 with the alphabet in it. It will be in multiple places at the party. Kendahl has a website for her company Beautifully Esoteric Desgins, but it is currently down right now. If you want to get in touch with her....let me know and I will get you her info!
3.27.10 002
I have spent quite a bit of time cutting out cardboard letters and am in the process of priming them...then I am going to paint them. My color scheme is going to be multiple tones of purple and hot pink (to go with the invites) and I may throw in a splash of lime green as an accent.
3.27.10 001
My friend Jen has let me borrow her cricut for a while and I have been cutting out lots of letters...not exactly sure what I will do with them all yet...but, at least I will have options!

Also, anyone who is reading this and will be coming to the party.....if you want to participate in the theme....feel free to wear a shirt with your initial on it!


Olivia Howe said...

I made Bart show me the invitation on the webcam. LOVE it :)

Honey said...

You have really been working hard and I know the party will be so fun! Can't wait!!!

kristen said...

we will!! so excited!! i cant wait to see yall!! love all the hard work!

Nina said...

SO cute and fun I can't wait to see it! I don't think I have a shirt with my initial on it though :)