Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kinley's Nap Mat

Kinley has been at preschool now for about 2 months. The first couple weeks were a little rough and the separation anxiety was at a high....but, after those first couple weeks she has started to LOVE school. She loves her teachers and friends and all the cool activities and special days they always spirit days where all the kids wear their preschool shirt, color of the month days, fireman visit day, pumpkin patch day, pumpkin waffle day, I could go on and on! It is such a blessing to know that Kinley loves it and is being so well taken care of and learning so much!

They take naps at school from 12 - 2 and until this past week she has had her own crib. They told me Tuesday that they were moving all kiddos to the floor and to get a nap mat..until then, they would put her crib mattress on the floor. So far, it has been successful! I don't know how they do it.

When I was looking for a nap mat...I could not believe how expensive they are! So, I decided to make one for Kinley. I used this fantastic tutorial but changed a few things....I added an actual pillow instead of fiberfill and used nylon belt webbing instead of elastic and fabric for the strap. The best part is I can take all the foam out and the pillow and wash the whole thing so easy! I bought everything at Hobby Lobby and I think I probably saved $20-$25 by making it myself!
I hope Kinley takes lots of long and restful naps on this!


kristen said...

love that!! you are so amazing!! are you kidding me??? you need to sell those!!

Honey said...

You did a fantastic job on the nap mat. I agree you should sell them. I bet Kinley has the cutest one in the class...not that we're comparing.

Gram said...

Wow Lindsay this is fantastic! She looks so cute and comfortable. I am sure she will have great dreams on her nap mat! You are amazing and very talented!

Allison said...

Are you serious?! This is amazing!!! It looks fantastic and I would totally buy one from you if I hadn't already bought one. I love it! You can sell these for sure!

Nina said...

That is awesome!! You are so talented and Kinley has the cutest one for sure. I love it...kind of want one.