Tuesday, September 14, 2010

His & Hers Shower & A Flower Vase Project

To continue the crazy wedding season we are in right now, we are so excited to celebrate my cousin Scott's upcoming wedding to Katie. Scott is truly my brother Matt's best friend. Scott and Katie, her real name is Kate...but, we all call her Katie, have been dating for like 8 years or something. All through high school and college and are about to finally get married! We have all known and loved Katie forever and we know how wonderful they are together as a couple. They truly are so cute and sweet. They are each other's best friends and it shows. You should check out their adorable wedding website and read their proposal story and the letter Scott wrote to our sorority for her ring pass.

This Saturday mom co-hosted a "His & Hers" Shower for Scott and Katie. It was a fun party to celebrate them as a couple and give some gifts for them both.
The Bride & Groom with "His & Hers" lunchboxes
A very tired Kinley attempting her best "cheese"
Katie, not so lightly, hinted that she wanted me to make her a framed canvas with their new last name similar to what I did here. This time was not as easy as before because I had to trace and cut out the vinyl by hand because I did not have a Cricut around. I think it turned out ok.
I did not do much to help Mom out with the shower at all. I made some place cards for food, a sign for the front door and some vases for table centerpieces.
Mine and Scott's favorite dessert EVER is this amazing chocolate sheet cake that my mom makes. My dad's side of the family calls it "Lake Cake" and my mom's side of the family calls it "Pat Riddle's Chocolate Sheet Cake" because that is the lady Momma Gay originally got the recipe from. So, for some time now, Scott has called it "Pat Riddle's Chocolate Lake Sheet Cake"...he even sometimes likes to abbrev and call it PRCLSC. So, mom definitely had to make it and I definitely had to label it.
The vase centerpiece project was one I was really excited about. I have been wanting to do it for a while. I ended up going to Goodwill and buying six clear vases for $11. Then I bought a can of spray paint to refurbish them. Katie's wedding colors are brown and green so, I spray painted the vases brown and tied a green ribbon around them. Mom added some sunflowers and I think they turned out as great centerpieces for the "His & Hers" shower!
I think I will use these vases at parties and for decor in my home over and over. I thought they kinda turned out to look like pottery...but, my mom said they look like edible chocolate. I could only wish! Haha!


Jan said...

Everything was absolutely perfect. I agree with your mom! They did look like chocolate! YUM!! Soooo cute! Thanks sweet niece.

Honey said...

Thanks for all your help with the shower. The vases were perfect and the signs made everything more fun! i love you.

kristen said...

you cant even help it you are so crafty! love it all!