Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ty - 3 Months

Yesterday Ty turned 3 months old! I don't know if it is the holidays or what..but, I truly cannot believe how fast the months are flying by. I just want to treasure every moment with him. He is still just the sweetest baby. He continues to talk, talk, talk and smile up a storm to anyone who will pay him attention. Even a sweet checkout lady at Walmart sat and talked to him the other day the entire time I unloaded groceries onto the belt, scanned them, sacked them, and put them back in the basket. They had a detailed conversation.
In the last month,
  • Ty has gained some serious head control and learned to sit in a bumbo seat.
  • He went to see Santa for the first time and was a total champ about it.
  • He learned to roll over from front to back...woohoo!
  • He is getting very used to his sister hugging all over him and wanting to hold him constantly.

  • photo-103
  • He is still sleeping great at night and eating like a champ...but, naps are a little harder now. He is out of the "just sleep anywhere" phase and either likes the car seat while running around, or in his bed with the miracle blanket. Sleeping in the swing and the bouncer is a luxury now.
Ty is a total dream and a blessing in our lives. We thank God for both our precious angels every day. We know how blessed we are for two healthy, happy children and do not ever want to take it for granted. We pray that we can be examples for them for Christ and that they would want to know him from a very early age. We are continuously learning how to be better parents and being humbled by how much we do not know. We just trust that God is our ultimate parent and can help lead us whenever we ask. Here are a few more pics of Ty today at 3 months.


Kinley definitely wanted to jump in the pictures this time and I just loved it!


BJ and Karen said...

Ty is such a heartbreaker.... Cutest boy ever!

Honey said...

Ty is so sweet and I love the way he engages in a conversation and smile every time I look at him. Sometimes I think he's older than he really is. You are truly blessed with two beautiful angels. Kinley is a very loving big sister!

MrsKT said...

The kids are both so precious! So wonderful that you and Ben are so focused on providing a great example for them-- those are the best parents to have! Happy 3 months to Ty!

kristen said...

i love that boy!! and those pics of him and kinley are adorable! she is just the sweetest sister!!

Nina said...

Can't get over how beautiful he is, I've GOT to meet him. Date soon!!