Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Santa 2011

We went to see Santa today! It was so fun and went very smoothly. There was not even a line at all! Kinley got to watch one little girl talk to Santa before her and she was really excited. No meltdowns, no mugshots, and no tears. Kinley just walked right up to Santa and said "Hi, I'm Kinley and this is Baby Ty" and then she started telling him what she wanted for Christmas. I even woke Ty up to sit with Santa and he was happy as could be. So much fun! I love this time of year!
Kinley was excited.
so was Ty
watching the girl in line in front of her
kinley climbed in first...doesn't he look amazing...I think he is the real Santa.
my happy little man...
The official pic
Hope ya'll have fun visiting Santa too!


Honey said...

I love that she wore a bow! What a fun day.

kristen said...

i love that!! LOVE IT! cutest fam ever!

Misty said...

how sweet! I hope our Santa experience goes as smooth as yours did!

Camila said...

What a great pic! Kinley is old enough to not be scared and Ty is too young to be scared. You hit it just right! We, unfortunately, did not have such luck. But I treasure my baby screaming at Santa picture. HA!