Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Cookies and Lights

Kinley got a really sweet Christmas gift from Jen and Eden that was a mason jar full of 25 different Christmas activities to do as a family. It is kind of like a family togetherness advent calendar in a jar :) It is such a thoughtful gift for the Christmas season and has lots of activities that concentrate on who and what Christmas is really about.
Last night we decided to go for 2 items in the jar.
Ben and Kinley had fun cutting out the sugar cookies with the fun cookie cutters Jen gave with the gift.
Then we decorated the cookies with these guys.
It was so fun to hangout with them because very soon they are moving to Houston for Joe's new job. We are very happy for them and very sad for us. It will be weird for them to not live right down the road and sad not to see Isaac pretty much every week.
We also got to celebrate Joe's birthday....which we totally forgot until like 5 minutes before they had to go. Sorry Joe!!
After Isaac's bedtime, we decided to end our Christmasy night with a peppermint latte and Christmas lights. Pretty much perfection.
There is one neighborhood in Bedford that does it up right with a drive-thru story book of lights. And one house is like the North Pole where you can get out and walk around. It's pretty cool.
Hopefully we can cross a few more of our 25 things off our list before Christmas next week! Have a great weekend!


kristen said...

those lights are amazing!! and congrats on joes new job!! so sad they will be gone though!

Elizabeth said...

When I lived in Bedford we would drive through there each year, so fun to see pics again! Hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas!