Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Harrison Family Christmas 2011

Last night was Harrison family Christmas. Mendy & Alex will be in Abilene, Gary & Cheryl in Kansas, and we will be with my side of the family for Christmas day so the Harrisons got together early. Other than Kinley being sick with viral croup it was a great evening. Cheryl cooked a delicious meal and we opened lots of presents. Really, Kinley opened a ridiculous amount of presents and the rest of us opened a reasonable amount. Admittedly, Gary & Cheryl went WAY overboard this year. I am glad that it is not something she will remember too well because we definitely need to make sure we tone it down in future years. I mean...I am SO thankful that they love to shower Kinley with gifts....but, she just does not need very much. Definitely a number of gifts limit next year.
Picnik collage
That sweet little concentrating face and the tongue...
If the quantity was not over the top already...this was the kicker...a princess art set. I blame you see the sticker that says over 1,500 items!?!? Ben says this should go straight to the lakehouse. Ha!
I sat like this during the entire present opening session...sweet asleep baby Ty-Ty.
Picnik collage
I finally got a Silhouette!!!! I can't wait to start crafting with this baby!
More to come on this little pillow I made Mendy!
Happy Harrison Christmas!
Thank you sweet family for the Barbies and games and tea sets and art sets...and all the amazing gifts. I just keep reiterating to Kinley that the reason we exchange gifts at Christmas is to remind us that the wise men came to bring gifts to the baby Jesus. And speaking cool is this image I saw on Pinterest today.


Allison said...

I love Harrison Christmas! It looks like so much fun! Ella will LOVE playing with the 1500 piece princess art set next time she comes over:)

kristen said...

that is so much fun!! i love the king sized bed and the silhouette!! yea!!! and all of kinleys stuff cracks me up. she is such an angel!! miss you guys!