Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Toddler Hobo Sacks and Christmas Candy-breakers

For Howe Family Christmas this year, I went totally DIY. It just kind of happened that way and I really only gave gifts to the great-grandkids and to Inie and Bull.
I had this vision a few weeks ago of giving each great-grandkid their own hobo sack with their initial on it. I made one hobo sack for Ella one year and Allison tells me she still likes to carry it around so I felt good about it.
I got excited to use my yellow and white stripe IKEA fabric that I have had for months. There are 8 great-grandkids this year (and one on the way for Natalie and Jeff) compared to four when we got together 2 years ago for Flying H Trailer Park Christmas. It is so fun to just watch the family grow and grow.
I had 2 yards of the IKEA fabric and that made 7 hobo sacks...so, Ty did not get one. No big deal...I can make him one later on.
I ended up folding the fabric in half to cut out my pattern and I am so glad I did because the stripes lined up perfectly on both sides for all the bags!
Even the bottoms turned out great either totally white or totally yellow.
I used freezer paper to screen print a first initial on each of the bags. I decided on grey initials and straps for the five boys...black looked a little too bumble-bee and hot pink for the two girls.
Aubrey, Winlon, Luke, Speight, Grady, Austin (Kinley's bag not pictured..but, it looks like Aubrey's)

I really love the way they turned out. I hope they can use them for years to come to carry toys, pajamas for an sleepover, books for a car ride, or anything else they might want to play with. Because I was not sure the kids would love opening a sack to get a sack, I included books and candy inside each of them for a little bit of fun.
I decided to transition the heart-breaker valentines that I did for Kinley for valentines day last year into Christmas treats.
I basically just drew Christmas shapes in sharpie on paper sacks and Kinley and I colored all over them.
Then I cut them out, stuffed them with green and red M&M's and stapled them together.
I had a great helper!

More to come on an easy DIY project I did for Inie & Bull!


Allison said...

I love the yellow stripes! The bags are perfect and I bet everyone loved them! I can't wait to make some more of those heart breakers this valentines! The Christmas ones are so cute!

kristen said...

these bags are so so cute!! and the cute christmas fun in the inside is adorable! linds i love all of your craftiness!! all of it!

Camila said...

The bags are SUCH A HIT with the boys. I can't tell you how many times I heard "I need mah ba-ug" (translates to "I need my bag") on our road trip. Just can't get over how you have time to do it all! And I also can't get over how the family keeps multiplying!!