Thursday, December 29, 2011

Glass Etched Flying H Cocktail Glasses

A couple of years ago my friend Lauryn did lots of glass etching for her extended family Christmas gifts. I have been dying to try it and so this year, I decided to make some cocktail glasses for my grandparents personalized with the Flying H brand. We have given personalized 'H' cocktail glasses in our immediate family for a few occasions...graduations, birthdays, Christmas, etc. but we have always purchased them from Williams-Sonoma for usually between $60 - $80 for 4 glasses, depending on the glass.

This year, I actually bought a great set of glasses from Marshalls for $6.99!! They look just like these bubble glasses from Williams-Sonoma that Ben has. I borrowed Lauryn's glass etching tool and went to work on the personalized glasses. Basically, the process is...

1) Print off the computer the image you want to etch and tape it inside your glass.IMG_9073
2) Trace and fill in the image with sharpie.
3) Etch the sharpie off the glass using your tool. This EZ engraver is the exact brand I used for $9.99.
Look at how great it looks!
This project is not difficult at all but, it is a little time-consuming and tedious. (I.e. If your are an uber-perfectionist maybe don't do it or just expect to mess up or for it to take 10 years) otherwise, definitely go for thus super economical and very personal gift!


Misty said...

I love these & can't wait to try to make some for my family!

Allison said...

These turned out so cool! I love them!

kristen said...

those are amazing! i love those so much!

Camila said...

They really looked so professional and perfect when I saw them I was just blown away that you made them! I will have to try since it looks like something even I could do! Such a wonderful and thoughtful gift! Just love it!

takeshi007 said...

Etched glasses or Personalized Glassware are perfect gift ideas for this coming Christmas but of course it takes an effort and time to finish etching glass and make sure to have complete equipment and procedure before you start with this project.