Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Catching Up - Hall of Honor and a Flash Mob

No, I did not get inducted into a Hall of Honor for participating in a Flash Mob...I wish. But, things have been busy around here. I can't really even tell you all that has been going on this past week...but, it has been a whirlwind! We have been busy bees getting ready for Christmas and with lots of dinners and events to go to.
Last week, we had a really special dinner for my dad where he was inducted into the Birdville School District Athletic Hall of Honor. It was a pretty big deal and he gave a great speech that was inspirational and spiritual and just made me so proud to be his daughter. It was a little like preaching from the pulpit and he was fabulous at it.
Here is the plaque he got with a fantastic action shot of him his freshman year at SMU
We represented....
There was a cool display of lots of authentic Olympic Games stuff....Ben and Matt were pretty stoked to hold some torches...

Then, Saturday, I did a Flash Mob in Frisco Square with Kristen, Allison, Mendy and Ashley and Allison's SIL, Allison. It was fantastic.
Mendy, Ashley and I stayed up till 1am the night before learning the dance...I won't post that video..but, here is a screen shot.
It was so fun to practice the day of the flash mob and have all the kiddos come out to watch Santa parachute in and watch us bust out into a dance.
Kinley looks happy here..ha!
Here is a cute video of Kinley and Ella hugging it out...
Kris and Al did a great post about the whole experience here. I am a little behind the game. Here is a different video that someone posted that is different than the one on LL. You can kind of see us and how not great we are...haha!

Skip to like 35 seconds...for some reason there is a crazy long title intro.

Merry Christmas!


kristen said...

mark looks just like MATT! OH MY GOSH! I love it! and i love that video of kinley and ella!!! so so sweet!!and i love this video- i don't know why it wasn't on there when i looked?? its much better of us :)

kristen said...

we just watched every video you ever made of kinley from youtube with sassy and she just loved it! the happy birthday singing made me tear up! she is so so sweet!