Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heartbreaker Valentines

Today was Kinley's Valentine's Day party at school. I think it is so cute when they have theme-day parties. I just don't believe she is old enough to have those! But, from the moment she woke up she was SO EXCITED to go to school for her party. During the snow days this week Kinley and I made her valentines to take to school. I had remembered these Heartbreaker Valentines from MADE from last year and was so excited to make them this year! Well, best friends must think totally alike because Allison made them too and we both didn't even talk about it or know the other was making these. So fun!
Kinley's favorite part was putting the M&M's inside. Of course, she would sneak a bite or two. She is really learning all her colors now and it was fun to see her group the M&M's and match them with the right heart.
I hope her class enjoyed them as much as she did!


Jan said...

TOO CUTE!!! I love you.

Camila said...

Super cute! I really need to learn to sew. I used to know in like 8th grade. I wonder if it is like a bike and you never really forget. Doubt it! Love how serious Kinley is about putting the m&ms in the pouches!

kristen said...

sooooo cute!!!! i already miss my kinley girl so much!! and ty ty!! thank y'all so much for coming this weekend! we love y'all!!!