Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

First of all, THANK YOU to all of you for your sweet congratulations and comments about our new baby boy addition. I am overwhelmed with gratitude! We are so excited and were thrilled to share our news.

We had a great Easter weekend full of good family time and wanted to post a few pictures from Sunday. We started with early 8:45 church and Kinley was sleeping late but, as soon as Ben woke her up and told her the Easter Bunny came to see her...she was wide awake and so excited.
Her most favorite things from her Easter basket were her lip smackers lip gloss and her Princess Tiana and Rapunzel stickers.
This face is hilarious...she is really eyeballing those M&M's
After church we went to Aunt Jan's for Easter brunch. Kinley was the only one to hunt eggs this year. Seriously, this is the first time in my life that I did not hunt eggs. (Evidence...last year.) It was a weird generation change over...but, so sweet to see Kinley hunting around the front yard. I can't wait until she has a sibling and lots of cousins to hunt with too!
I love this pic of her with all the green grass.
Aunt Jan was super thoughtful and creative and made eggs for Kinley that spelled out a message. (Even though the eyeball was a little creepy....haha Aunt Jan!) The sentiment was great and Kinley had a blast!
Kinley was very thankful.
I brought over some make-your-own candy necklaces for all my cousins...since we didn't have eggs to hunt...and that was fun. Even as adults it is fun to act like they are delicious and you just can't stop eating them! This is Katie showing hers off....
And Kinley is very serious about trying to eat Amy's off her neck.
Then we took some family pics....welcome to our family gatherings...lots of group pics. (Evidence...last year even new years eve on our creede ski trip.)
It was also an exciting day for Momma Gay and Pepa because they showed off Momma Gay's brand new car! I hope when I am 86 and still kicking Ben buys me a brand new car. Love it!
Happy belated Easter to you all!

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Jan said...

Loved having everyone over for Easter...always do! Yes, that eye was really creepy. I was laughing outloud by myself when I was drawing it. I love you.